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Anybody here have too much length?

This is why my main goal is girth. So far with the help of PE I am at 7.5 BPEL while my girth is almost at 5.5. My goal is to be at least 7.5 nbp but if I gained nothing more in length and my girth went to 6” and beyond I would be ecstatic!

My ex was a tiny little Portuguese girl who I had to be careful with at 6x5.

I would have torn her apart now.

My current wife takes all I have and works for more, so I imagine she will not be complaining any time soon, god bless her.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

There is a nice possibility to combine the joys of a longer unit with the pleasure of grinding.
Go into missionary position and penetrate - and then the wife closes her legs while you stay inside and you put your legs on the outer side of her calves.
And then you start to penetrate/grind her at the same time.

As the pubic mons of both is “in the way”, the penetration is less deep and the risk of hitting the cervix is small.
And the extra friction on the clitoris is something like an orgasm warranty.
Plus this way of penetration seems to loosen up the pussy, so after you can go deep and wide - she will be absolutely relaxed.

We mostly use is for the follow-on sex after the frenzy of the first orgasm.
As the stimulation of my cock is less, I can do it for quite a long time before having the urge to intensify.

Oh yeah, and for the ass-maniacs like myself: naturally the same position can be achieved from behind.
Creates quite some contact with the G-spot.

But I still don’t know why I am lasting less in that way - damn chubby cheeks! :-)

Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

My girlfriend has a very deep vagina so I only ever bottom out in her in certain positions, and when I’m basically all the way in. It’s great, it’s like we were made for each other (which obviously penises and vaginas are, but I mean, made for each other specifically).

Well, thank you for explaining that, Mr. Obvious. ;) :D

It had only happened when it started out to fast in certain positions. The cervix actually moves upwards if a woman gets physically sexually excited, but sometimes the mind moves faster than the body’s physiology. It has never been a permanent problem as long as I start off gradually and build up momentum. Both physically and mentally.

Initial stats; BPEL 8.5 inch, EL 8.3 Inch, EG 6.4 inch. Goal; EL +1 inch, EG: Not a priority. Equal girth along the shaft.

Progress: 5 weeks: BPEL: 8.8 inch. (+7mm) EL: 8.6 inch (+7mm). SL: 8.9 EG: 6.7 averaged out (+4-8mm. Growth though failing to create equal girth along shaft)

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Yeah, it amazes me sometimes how utterly some women expand when properly stimulated, I swear, some of them I could easily have fitted a fist or two inside of. Like a baloon, small entrance, big/ huge cavity.

Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
Well, thank you for explaining that, Mr. Obvious. ;) :D

Heh, yeah OK, but you know what I mean? With other girls I’ve generally had a bit left sticking out in the cold.

But even so, I don’t usually go all the way in unless my GF is very relaxed, because it’s a bit too much for her. Which doesn’t bother me, although you sometimes hear longer guys complaining about not being able to go all the way in.

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Was just joking there, no offence meant. ( it’s a joke that is also made in the movie “Watchmen,” hence the Mr. Obvious reference.)

And yes , I did get your point. :)

Can anyone explain what is clamping and where do I find such tools to do it if any?

^^^ Search bar brother

Originally Posted by Yababiz Nudaddy
Can anyone explain what is clamping and where do I find such tools to do it if any?

There’ll be like a million threads on this already. Try Search->Advanced Search then select Search Titles Only, to find threads specifically about clamping.

If you’re looking for tools then you’ve come to the right place! :) Welcome to Thunder’s.

Big Tool right here, lol. :D ( BTW the band Tool, pure awesomeness!)

EDIT: And no, I did not mean my unit, haha. Although it’s very, very close.

Originally Posted by Vikingwhore

Big Tool right here, lol. :D ( BTW the band Tool, pure awesomeness!)

So when you say ‘whore’, you mean a hooker with a penis? ;)

When did Thunder’s become LPSG?


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