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Anybody here have too much length?

I had intercourse twice last night, once before giving oral to my wife and once after. The first time, I couldn’t get more than about 4” buried in her before I hit bottom. She’s too small, you may say.

After oral and a good clitoral orgasm, I sank my 7.25” BPEL in her without any sign of hitting bottom. Bottom could have been at 7.5” or at 10.5”. I don’t know. The point is that different women have different depths depending on their state of arousal and I think also on the time relative to their cycles.

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Originally Posted by zaneblue
As I’ve said before, women are not balloons—the goal is not to fill them up until they pop.


Originally Posted by MM
I had intercourse twice last night

:thumbs: I agree with you that vaginal depth has a LOT to do with level of arousal.

thai for the record Im 7 nbp X 5.25 EG.

Tied for the record??? Don’t get it.

But anyway I don’t think alot of women realize that there are different size pussies. I had a girl say once (she was a dumb girl) She said “yea but once you get in there its all the same!” I said “no no no women are diffently different sizes” penis size came up some how and I said that “women are different sizes to”… I told her I’ve been with women that were loose and some were tight. She had this look of shock on her face. This bitch also told her boyfriend (not me) the he needed a bigger dick. The girl beside side me when she said this said ” my boyfriend would punch me if I told him that” I told her that she should tighten that pussy up then. Of course this caddy bitch had no idea what I was talking about. The girl who’s boyfriend would punch her new what I was speaking of and nodded at me. I told her to tell her about kegels. And she did.

I will weigh in here and say form personal experience there is definitely a point - which may be very different from woman to woman - where any more length will just not fit no matter the level of arousal, time of the month, etc. (Though these factors are extremely important before this point is reached of course)

For those who are not in the know, I have a very petite girlfriend. I was certain at some times in the past she’s taken most if not all of my length, but I’ve found that to be shaky via my favourite: experimentation! :D

I recently got her a jelly dildo which is 10”x5.75” - the closest to my size I could find (of course I didn’t want one bigger, and I foolishly assumed she’d use the majority of the length). I wanted to see just how much would fit into her and even after orgasm, only about 5.5” was insertable before she’d say “ow”. This is very strange because as I’ve said, I was certain that most of my actual meatstick was going down the rabbit hole.

I do have a theory that because my dick is innately curved and nowhere near as bendable as the jelly when hard, that more ‘apparant’ length will go in, but just have the effect of stressing the walls horizontally rather than actually going in to the measureable depth… yet another reason that curves kickass :)

The funny thing is that in doggy style, she can take much less, perhaps because in that position, my dickhead is pointed directly into her cervix?

I can draw a diagram for those curious yet confused people… ;)

As far as the dumb people, thal, it is a two way street as has been previously discussed here. It is as much a girl’s responsibility to be fit and tight for her guy, if not more so, than the guy to for example, practise PE. (Because we all know how much more difficult it is for us to make any significant changes!) Only the most ignorant/selfish of cows would complain about her guy while simultaneously sitting on her can doing squat all about it herself either.

In terms of PE, I would estimate conservatively that the classic 8” length is probably as far as you would want to go for functionality issues. If you land up with a cavernous girlfriend then you can always come back to it later to fill out that last inch or two(!!!). Me, I am shooting exclusively for girth. If I could take an inch (or even two!) off my length and add it to girth, even at a reduced ratio, I would in a heartbeat since the last few inches at my base have never before and will likely never in the future see the insides of her pussy :(

I’m not the biggest guy here - 8 by 6 at max - but I find I’ve hurt my last few girlfriends if I get too carried away. Mainly it’s the friction of my girth round the opening of her pussy but I also have hit the cervix and my girls haven’t thanked me for it. Definitely one to consider if you’re falling in love with someone you make cum hard how you are.

Why stop at 8” BPEL ? Go for 9” it will look better on you and will definately hang nicer!


Why does ethnicity matter? Every Polish or light skinned female I have juked always were very shallow. My girlfriend who is Portuguese might have the deepest cavern ever. Maybe cause Spanish women seem to become ridiculously wet or maybe she might just be extremely relaxed? She is the third Spanish girl who seems to be able to take any size of meat.

It’s only too long when you trip over it lol.

\"Break A Deal Face The Wheel!"

Hello everyone here, there and everywhere.. This is my 1st post EVER in a PE forum. Been lurking here at thunders since only yesterday and have still a great deal of reading, thinking, experimenting to do if I really am going to try this. ( PE that is.. :) Don’t really want to end up with an injured piece of meat waving goodbye to all the fun one can have.( and love of course : )

The reason I am posting now, even before I have any real questions on the journey I am about to undertake, IS ..

I AM PORTUGUESE. You know.PORTUGAL, that little tiny small piece of a country just glued to the west of SPAIN. PORTUGAL IS NOT SPAIN, IT IS PORTUGAL, please excuse me for all this babbling but it’s just that WE as a country have been here since like 900 years and are in NO WAY a part of SPAIN, I love SPAIN, it is a great place with all one needs to be happy and HAVE FUN. They have nice people and a modern economy. BUT. (There seems to always be a BUT) :) , I feel that it is not fair that people keep thinking that PORTUGAL is the same thing as SPAIN. Well, this may come as a surprise but they are two completely different countries. So if your gf is Portuguese then she is NOT, I repeat NOT Spanish. Oh and yes girls over here are somewhat WET like hell, maybe due to mediterranian food and way of life and fast food doesn’t really attract many people here. We grew as a nation making mistakes, bad ones at that, and also learning from other nations mistakes and victories. Portuguese are in general a very warming kind of people, and like SPAIN we have it all to make for a good life. Snow AND Sunny beaches (at the same time of the year), Hills and mountains and every other feature you might expect, Good AND bad. SO.. Forgive me please once more for this TOTALLY out of topic rap.

Anyway, I am very glad there are so many people here willing to help others GROW as people, as lovers, as man AND as tripods too. I WILL walk the PE walk and lets see where that leads me. I am hopping that trough hard work I will gain something out of this ;)

Thanks all in advance..

P.S. My stats are ( measured last night while pondering if I would do PE ) 17 cm/6.7 inch erect lenght and 16 cm/6.3 inch mid-shaft girth on a fully loaded erection. NOT rounded numbers and NOT E-PENIS, I can prove it with pics if you’d like OR video for the “IT’S PHOTOSHOPED” inclined :) Just doesn’t make sense lying to myself.what good would it do to me?!


Well, I’ve had my hand around an 8x6” dildo. It was one of those realistic type ones, so that added to the realism of the size even more. And I have to tell you, it was fucking massive!

God knows just how big a dick above that size feels in the flesh.

"Al, over the years we\\'ve taken roles from one another. People have tried to compare us to one another, to pit us against each other and to tear us apart personally. I\\'ve never seen the comparison frankly. I\\'m clearly much taller, more the leading-man type. Honestly, you just may be the finest actor of our generation - with the possible exception of me." (talking about Al Pacino)

- Robert De Niro

Just found this thread and if you have seen my posts on other topics you will know that after using PE for about 18 years continually I have attained an 11” x 8” cock. Sex with my wife is great now but I must admit that initially I had to use plenty of lube and even now I do not fully enter her but she loves it and takes about 9”. We are both swingers and I do have a few problems with other women who say they are worried mostly about my girth.

I have not had a problem yet at 17,5-18,0 cm BPEL (7,0/7,1”), but I do know that I don`t want so much length that I can`t fuck my lady really hard and grind against her without inflicting her any pain. I want a functional penis at what I deem an optimal length, not a useless dick.

20,0 cm BPEL (8”) has always been a goal for me, but it may be too long.

A kitchen paper roll is my goal, my unit will be just as long and thick when placing it side by side 8,27”x 5,5”,(21x14cm) then I will be satisfied, anything over that is just a bonus.

Any impracticalities I just don’t care for. Any woman thinking that is not big enough has a cow pussy and can just shut it.


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