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Anybody got tips for getting rid of brusies?

Anybody got tips for getting rid of brusies?

Got a little carried away a few weeks ago with some squeezes. As a result, I’ve got some blue/black bruising (total size about the area of a quarter) along the underside of the Johnson which is fading VERY slowly—I don’t think there’s a whole lot of direct blood flow down there as compared to other areas. I’m on my second day of hot wraps every few hours, but they are hard to get away with at work. I also have still been working out 5 to 6 days a week. Don’t want to lay off for an extended period (I actually think erections may help with blood flow in the area). Anybody have any thoughts as to how I can speed up the fading process? Thx

Gentle massage of the area a few times a day with a slick lubricant might work.



Arnica?? Off to Google I go….

Or you could just run down to your local GNC store


If you shop for arnica, read the label. I got some at Hi-Health (?) that is petrolatum (Vaseline) based and only 4% arnica. I can’t tell if it has helped or not with bruises, but it sure is messy.

IIRC Bib wrote he bought his at GNC, and it was non-greasy and also a higher concentration.

Arniflora arnica gel , made by Boericke and Tafel, from GNC is the only brand that worked for me, and it worked damn good. The beeswax base or petroleum based stuff that I tried is worthless.


Thanks for the advice guys. I did do some research on the web and it sounds like this stuff has some real promise. Your first hand (no pun intended) experience confirms the same. BTW: The hot wraps also appear to be fading things a little quicker. I’ll let you know how things work out. -Rope

warm raw honey,

I can swear by the stuff, WHY?

burns, cuts, swollen anything, bruised anywhere, just 1 hour does the job.

I do not want to gross you out with the details of location of application :)

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