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Anybody else going through this.


I’ve calmed my measuring habit.

To hard to totally avoid.

I try not to measure much after a workout, because I know most of it is just post workout swelling.

I notice my growth mostly in the morning with my morning gotta piss boner.

It is at it’s hardest then, naturally.

But even still, since I pump daily, I see the markings I made on the tube.

That shows me on a daily basis that nothing is growing.

I may have to scratch those off because I know the fucking tube is lying. ;)

I was a constant measurer as well. Although I made good gains initially, with the constant measuring (daily) I was expecting bigger and greater things. Have thrown the tape measure in the back of the cupboard and only bring out every 2 months.

The wife and I were in the car yesterday and as a joke I pulled my cock out. Her comment was “what ever you are doing with it, it sure is working”. I was impressed myself. I have had real good flaccid gains as well and it is winter downunder. Bring on summer

I still am addicting to measuring. Every time I have a full blow erection I want to pull the ruler out and take a measurement. I know Ive grown within the last month or so and I cant help but measure it.

This place in general is very addicting. I could spend hours on here reading about stuff and I do at times. My wife gets on to me about it but I cant help it. What shall we do?¿ lol

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