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Any way to get veiny look on shaft?

Any way to get veiny look on shaft?

I’d like the veins on my shaft to be more visible. I think they were years ago but not any longer. Years ago when I worked out you could see bulgy veins in my arms but those are gone too. Does PE (jelking) make the veins get bigger and more visible? Any advice on how to get those veins to plump up?


YES! Jelqing will definitely get a nice vieny look. Look around here at some of the personal routines for some ideas.

Pumping can make your cock veinier. I’ve got veins on my veins, as I’ve already posted. A look I like, and it’s evidence to me that I’ve got a far healthier penile vascular system than I did before PE.

Listen to Stillwantmore, too.




Just keep up the PE and you will see some serious vein growth


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