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Any tubes getting cut off

Any tubes getting cut off

Ok, weird title, let me explain.

You have seen my curve. It’s official, I have chordee penis (downward bend).

Well, I have notice that when I am rock hard, and I straighten it out, and then kegal, nothing happens. I can feel a pressure down near my asshole just like you normally do when kegalling, but the head doesn’t flare up. When I release the “straightness” and let it curve a little, and then kegal, the head flares up likes it’s suppose to.

Am I cutting off some tubes when going “straight”? What does that mean?


You’ll remember from reading about chordee that it is often associated with hypospadias which is a deformity of the urethra and meatus (opening). It’s logical to assume that there is also some involvement of the corpus spongiosum which is the erectile tissue surrounding the urethra. It’s possible that your CS is being pinched off when you straighten the curve because of your chordee and that prevents blood from moving to the glans.

Whats weird, though, is that I don’t think I have hypospadias. I mean, my piss hole is at the end like a normal penis, not down on my shaft or anything like that.

So, according to this picture

When I straighten out my erect bent penis, is the urethra “clamping shut” at well as most of the “corpus spongiosum”?

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