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Any smokers have PE gains

Any smokers have PE gains

I am curious to know if anyone who smokes has experianced significant gains from PE ?

If so how long have you PEd for? What type of routine? How much do you smoke? How many years and how old you are?

I am trying to see if PE will still have the desired effect on those of us who smoke. It is no secret that smoking can impair erection as well as elasticity in ones penis. Perhaps PE can be a countermeasure also maybe because of the smoking gains may come very hard or not at all.

Smoker. 1/2-5/8 inch in 2 mos. of intense sporadic PE (Blasters). I also have a high erection angle and exit point and high LOT. My tissues are stiff and require warming and intense but brief high tension. IMO smoking makes your tissues different, but it may even be an advantage. IF you can find a safe way to use heavy or strong techniques. If you take it too easy you might not gain anything for a long time.

something I can post on!! I smoke and I`ve been PEing for 2 1/2 months. So far I`ve gained 3/4 of an inch.

I’ve gained 5/16 of an inch in 28 days and I smoke a pack and half a day along with 5 cups of coffee.

Damn I gotta start smoking..


There is no replacement for displacement


I’ve been researching this alot over the past few weeks. I have been worried that smoking would stunt my growth. But now i don’t believe that is so. Having said that smoking does cause other problems, most noticably lack of good circulation to the penis resulting in weaker erections. Smoking has a strong vasoconstricting attribute that can really hide what gains you already may have made. I think it’s possible DLD countered this with his consistant use of viagra, something which i am just about to try. (i have ordered 30 tablets of generic viagra and they should be arriving next week)

Anyway, i have cut down my smoking tremendously and do still plan on giving up completely during the next few weeks, my erections are noticably stronger and more frequent now.

I’m a smoker too, i’ve gain 1” in lenght and 0.5” in girth in a little more than 2 month. I’m 25 years old and i’m smoking a pack per day since i’m 16.
Have followed the luvdavus routine for 1 month and a half, after that i’ve experienced other exercices (blaster, A stretch, V strech, fowfer), now i’m on the DLD supersets for girth and some hanging.


I smoke while stretching! So far I’ve gained .5” in length. Not to say that smoking had anything to do with it, which I think it doesn’t.

But yeah, I smoke. Fuck Bloomberg!

Becoming.... Godsize

I smoke while pumping! So far I’ve gained an inch at the base. Its a little difficult while jelqing though with all that lube.


Thank you everyone for the input. I guess smoking may not hinder gains to a big extent then. I was worried that it might . I should quit for other reasons (we all should) but at least I know it will not get in my way of reaching my goal. Look at DLD for instance . Huge gains and a smoker. If my unit was that big it would certainley be a factor in quitting . I would want to live as long as possible so I coud please as many women as possible. Not that I can not now with what I have but a larger slong would mean less work.

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