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Any other hard gainer who have now started gaining...

Any other hard gainer who have now started gaining...

Hello guys,

I’ve been here for a couple of years now and since my initial ‘newbie’ gains I haven’t been able to gain?

For the last 6 months I’ve been really trying to work my girth with a routine of hot wrap, 10 mins pumping at 5 followed by 10-15 mins 80-90% jelqing with squeezes followed with 10 mins pumping and 5 mins cockringed with full erection and hot wrap, but don’t seem to have gain a thing?!?!

My question is, have any of you been in this position of hopelessness and managed to start gaining again?

Yours frustrated ly


Take a break for a couple months. Some de-conditioning might do you some good. Come back in a few months and restart with the newbie routine. You might see some more gains.

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I heard that having a deconditioning break or changing the routine might be beneficial.

Some people had success training girth only every other day. The theory is, that in some cases the penis needs to heal longer than 24 hours.



Check out the “I cant belive it” thread by Skitola.

If you are going for length? You could try his routine: Heat, Manual stretching straigth down, Wear a extender for as long as possible.

I consider myself a hard gainer on the basis that my unit is pretty conditioned, and therefore I haven’t experienced large and/or easy gains. One thing I did keep note of and that worked for me, at least for a while, was like kristian said, heat (IR lamp), manual stretching. I’m back on PE now and adding ADS to that equation.

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I am in your same situation. I have been doing girthwork for nearly a year with no real gains to speak of, yet I continue doing it. I think it could be time for a real break.

Dry Jelqing has helped my girth quite a bit.

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Read BIG GIRTHA’s threads on clamping and his girth gains. I mean there is a hard get it hard worker on girth and he writes about his crazy clamp o thons and what it took to gain big girth or read lilbig threads on hanging it seems if you just go at length or girth full force with crazy amount of time involved your dick has no choice but to react and grow. Plus most people consider those “newbe gains” as easy gains. Its your dick reacting to never being streched out or pumped up or exciced that way so its like the first couple of days at the gym your body sees a instant result. I also read if your tring to gain girth masterbated is a no no, and could even work against you. And don’t ever forget the importance of a good streching session right before any workout, I mean what do you do to a ballon right before you blow it up. You strech it out. Mix up your rotine.

Or maybe PE just doesn’t work for you.

Dry Jelqs, Pumping, Dry Jelqs, Clamping, Dry Jelqs, Uli, Uli #3, Horse 440 rinse repeat. Clamping is big on girth. Try 3 sets of whatever work out you do.

Originally Posted by liquidman

Or maybe PE just doesn’t work for you.

I’m begining to think this might be the case.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions………..I guess I’ll just keep on pulling heating squeezing and jelqing my puppy into submission.

The deconditioning break is definetly the way to go, no question about it. When you come back after a couple of months or so it should be like starting over again and you should get some newbie gains.

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I don’t believe in deconditioning breaks.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

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I think I’m with you there Peter, I’ve tried several deconditioning breaks and still come back to the same stall. I’ve read your thread on keeping your dick guessing and think that might be the way.

Just out of interest how do you feel you gained your girth?

ForMeAndMyWife, check out sparkyx’s low-pressure pumping + heat + in-pump cool-down. He is a slow girth gainer, but got an extra 0.2” or so in just a few weeks. I’m just starting this myself, though my PE schedule is a bit erratic, thanks to privacy issues. I have seen an extra 0.1” during post-pumping clamping, which is extraordinary for my drumskin-tight tunica.

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