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Any one out there know about Girth Surgery?

Any one out there know about Girth Surgery?

Does any one out there know of any links to any threads on this forum or other forums regarding penis enhancement surgery?

Has any one out there had penis enhancement surgery?

This post mentions girth enhancement:

Glenn Delta - surgery

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Here’s an old thread about surgery, including adding girth using Alloderm.

Alloderm Surgery

There are a few members who have had penis lengthening surgery. You might want to try to search (using the button at the top of every page) for their posts (search term: lengthening surgery). Look through the results and read those with titles that seem appropriate.

On radio KGO there was a surgeon interviewed who did silicone implants for girth. He claimed that a lot of professional athletes had this done and the largest he ever produced was the girth of a coke can. You might search for silicone implants.

Research this one thoroughly. I haven’t seen any post girth enhancement photos that were visually acceptable to me. Plus, if you get fat injections, it is likely the body will absorb a lot of the injected fat.

The size of a coke can? Lordy, that’s just excessive ( not to mention slightly impractical, you’d prob faint whenever blood syphoned through to that monster ). :P

As to surgery, I would also say avoid it. By all means read up as much as you can, but the more you read the more, I think, you will discover that these are far from perfected procedures - and most plastic surgeons, if asked frankly, will admit as much. As gprent101 said there is a chance of injected fat for girth being absorbed back into the body, and plenty of online stories from folk who’ve had the operation then felt cheated and became depressed when their unit reverted back to pre-op status.

As for penis lengthening, loosening the tether that anchors my penis in my body? No chance, I figure it’s anchoring me there for a reason, right?

Originally Posted by Beast
Does any one out there know of any links to any threads on this forum or other forums regarding penis enhancement surgery?

Has any one out there had penis enhancement surgery?

Hi Beast, I have had both Lengthening and fat transfer (girth ) surgery about 5 years ago.
I can only speak for myself when I say that I was totally satisfied and have had no problems.
I gained an inch in length and retained 1/2 in girth.
Alot of people are quick to bag surgery as you hear only the problem stories , you never hear much of the “it changed my life for the better” stories.
Anyway now I do natural PE and have gained 1/2 inch in length and 1/4 inch in girth in 3 months.

Good luck I hope this helps.

Why don’t we all have our dicks pumped full of crap? Come on guys, what do you say? We can have that scarred look we always wanted and maybe if we are lucky, we can get an infection or two, rendering us impotent and catching the now common, extremely resistant microbe found in many hospitals, which is renouned for entering surgical entrances and eating away at the flesh until disfigurement, and very hard for modern day drugs to kill. Yes, how I dream of having my dick nawed down to the bone, infected with gangreen and filled with scarr tissue, with burst silicone bags solidifying and crippling my dick. Just think of how much pleasure we would give women between the sheets. I can’t wait to give a woman such a glorious treat to suck on.

pmsl. That was fun!

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Thanks a lot for the info guys. Its just for personal interest. Just research stuff…

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