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Any "Marathon Sessions"?


Any "Marathon Sessions"?

Just curious, but I wonder if anybody here ever tries “Marathon Sessions” of PE. You know, a “shocking” type workout in which you do vastly more volume than a typical session. I’m talking about maybe 1,000-1,500 3-second firm jelqs, or 90 minutes of stretching, thousands of kegels, or doing lazy-assed stretches for hours, etc.

If so, has it helped? I’m just wondering if anything “happens” at those huge volumes, once a particular threshhold is crossed. The guy who jelqed until his cock became “blood red” got me thinking about this. He has made serious erect gains, and I’m wondering if it’s all the volume he does (2 daily workouts, 7 days per week - for hours).

Any feedback?

- w a d

Like you’ve said in the past, there’s no point bloating and bruising your penis…other than to scare yourself. I hope you’re “really” on a break this time, not like your last 5 breaks. You’ve still never given yourself a good month of rest. Get that guy out of your head, we are all different…his LOT probably started at 12:00, he would have gained doing anything.

One foot to go

No, I haven’t been cheating. Just doing a lot of planning for when I resume.

I just got done with one…we used to call them “shock treatments”…just did 2 hours of intense manual stretch, 2 hours of jelq’s and jelq squeezes…sore as a mofo, but my wife better be glad she’s not home right now…


I don’t see how you can do it….don’t get me wrong, I admire your tenacity. But I know my cock is not conditioned for anything near that much. That would probably break it. I’m in this for the long haul. I knew this was going to be long term when I started, so patience and persistence will be used.

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I’ve done 3 in my life..they aren’t easy, but I have strong hands and I use plenty of lotion…it hurts in a good way, if that makes sense…I trust my body, and as long as I go slow and use plenty of heat, I’m OK…now I’m very sore, but I just get in the mood to do this every once in a long while when the family is out of town…

My entire PE experience has been one long marathon session, hanging between six and ten 20 minute sets a day five or six days a week keeping it under 12lbs. I have gained 1 1/4” in six months.
Conversely, the way I “shock” my system is to take two weeks off cold turkey.

That’s right, I said turkey.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook

I have gained 1 1/4” in six months.

Way to go Cappy!

I enjoy having a good long erect jelq session……….had one the other day that lasted 2 hours. I always get a good feeling in my cock after, but it’s nothing compared to the throb I get after about an hour of squeezing the old chap :D

Not sure of any long term benefits, but I like it :)

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Just curious, but I wonder if anybody here ever tries “Marathon Sessions” of PE. You know, a “shocking” type workout in which you do vastly more volume than a typical session.

Yeah, I’ve done a few in my day. Not sure if they contribute more to gains than any other good workout but it’s a very interesting thing to do. In the past when I’ve tried this I’ve typically done a variety of intense girth exercises for as much as 90 min (which I consider A LOT). My dick gets huuuge, and although erection quality is down a bit after a session like that it’s still a sight to behold. So, if nothing else, I think that the occasional marathon session is a way to boost your motivation. When I see my dick looking that much larger I know that I can gain. Another good thing I’ve noticed is that the post-workout pump lasts a lot longer after sessions like that. Long enough so that I can wait for 4-6 hours and then have sex with my girlfriend and see her eyes almost bulge out of her head. And that’s very motvational as well.

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I would be counterintuitive and instead of jacking up the intensity I would do something like an ADS system like a PeniMaster and actually let your penis grow, get out of its way so to speak. The turtle very often wins the race, not the hare. I would also stay away from stories that claim dramatic gains in short periods of time. It is counterproductive and can set most people up for despair and dissappointment.

Thanks for all the feedback. I know that lifting & PE are quite different animals, but I know in the past that an occasional shock-session in the gym often acted as a springboard to renewed gains in the ensuing weeks.

I was just seeking any input from others who may have tried such an approach - and what were the results? BTW, I’m hardly searching for “dramatic gains in short periods of time.” Hell, any gains would be nice in the near future. After nice early gains, I sort of entered the PE wasteland. And my frustration is clearly mounting.

Wadzilla, it’s exactly like your gym reference. It’s trying something different to shock the system…my body gets aclimated to a routine very quickly, so I have to change it up often to get sore and experience growth, whether at the gym or PE

From that shock session last night, I had no donut…even after 2+ hours of INTENSE jelqing and squeeze jelqs, no donut…the entire shaft is still bloated…

Just last week I did what I would consider a marathon session. I usually hang 6 sets if 17 minutes a day. One Saturday I had nothing to do, so I hung for 12 sets over the day. I think I gave my self a thrombosed vein, and am having to take some time off I guess.

jm, I’ve got a thrombosed vein I got from squeeze jelqs…make sure to always warm up extra long and make it your dick red hot…it will very seldom, if ever come back… if I PE cold, it will come back, but go away within hours…

I think that over time with continued PE, thrombosed veins become less severe..I’ve had one for years, and now when it pops up, it goes away in minutes or hours, where it lasted for a day or two when I first got it…



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