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Any guys here jelq with one hand only?

Any guys here jelq with one hand only?


right now, yes. Not as effective as two but still effective. I’m employing a kegel and hold between grips, using my foreskin to the fullest and never completely releasing the grip.

Cool. I’m asking cause I find when I jelq with one hand I get a much more engorged look than when I do with two. I think its because of the pause that must occur when you use one hand.

I stopped jelqing because it was messin with my erection intensity. But when I do the one handers coupled with horses, I get very good width. But even without the horses, I notice the same effect. And my erection intensity is ok.

Might be in my case the constant nerve compression.

When I’m jelqing with two hands I pause anyway as I attach the new grip and I’ve never experienced erection problems from PE (rather the opposite in fact).

When you jelq are you putting a lot of pressure on the top? (sorry if you already talked about this but if you have I don’t remember).

When I jelq 2 handed I very rarely use the same grio twice in succession (rotation, rotation) and go betwwen up and dow a fair amount.

Hey if one handed works, then cool, but I’m looking forward to going back to two handed. Using the powerjelq device is effectively a one handed thing and people get gains from that.

I had a problem for a while with this, and I noticed that others did too, from searching different message boards. I rectified it by cutting down on jelqing and using a one day on one day off routine. I try to use even pressure throughout the stroke. I think, at least in my case that it was the constant pressure of alternating. Again, a day on day off routine worked very well and gave me no erection problems and I gained.

I’ve been focusing on girth lately just for fun (it was my weakest area) and I notice that one handed jelqs, even if done daily (5/2), dont cause me erection problems. Could also be just less jelqing but I suspect less inadvertant or deliberate pressure on that nerve.

I never jelq for more than 1/4 hr per session (I’ve upped this to 20 mins for one handed), though I may do that twice a day.

I think a lot of people jelq too long, so maybe you have a good point there.

Never found a need for the one on one off approach, but I’ve read a lot of your thoughts about this and they are most intriguing :)

Hi Memento.

I’ve been reading many of your posts as well.

Best wishes for gains and love!

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