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Any guesses on the minimum amount of pelivic fat?

Any guesses on the minimum amount of pelivic fat?

What I mean is that if I am 6.25” NBP, and 7 BP. With proper dieting, how close can I get to being 7 NBP.

You probably won’t make it to the 7” NBP just from dieting but you should come very close.

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The thickness of the amount of fat covering the pubic bone can vary from person to person even thought they may have the same bodyfat percentage.

I guess that some bodybuilders in their competition prepared state could give you a ball park estimate on that.

Just for kicks, I’m in the neighborhood of having about 10% bodyfat. I have a 5/8” fat pad. My goal is to maintain 8% bodyfat and have a 1/2” or less fat pad. Bodyfat % of lower than 7% may make you feel drained of energy. Supposedly one cannot survive below 5% bodyfat for more than two weeks or so. Some people claim to feel less energetic below 10% bodyfat. I say they just don’t want to give up eating sweets.

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