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Any dutch around here

Any dutch around here

Did not know where to put this so just put it here!

Are there any dutch on here doing PE.

Let me know maybe we could chat some time!

Love to hear from you guys


I’m your Dutch speaking neighbour, does that count?

Hallo dutch people ik spreek nederlands ja.wat wil je weten??

Dat is die shit

I know a bit of Afrikaans, does that count?

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Zuid-Afrikaans? :D

Seems not much dutch guys around. Shame!

Maybe we do not need it lol


I speak dutch. But I am not a dutch.

A Dutch? What is that? :D It’s called a Dutchman I believe. ;)

Same like a guy from France, you don’t call him a French, but a Frenchman.

I saw Bird2 posted today or yesterday. He qualifies. :)


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