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Any correlation ?



>The increasing testosterone levels in puberty cause the penis to grow to it’s mature size (and very low levels of T might retard normal growth); but, taking this analogy to it’s ultimate conclusion, steroid-using bodybuilders should have 12-inchers if T was all about cock size.<

Precisely. Just as I said before, the testosterone does effect the growth of the penis but only at critical times in development. In the womb and at puberty. However, testosterone only has the power to make it grow to the limits of the penis’s geneticly programmed potential growth. It cannot make it surpass this genetic potential. Too little testosterone in the womb or at puberty and the penis won’t reach it’s geneticly programmed growth potential.

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Well I am ONE hairy man beast. Hair on my back, all over my chest and stomach, legs. I started shaving my face the summer before I began the eigth grade. All the males of my dad’s family are also hairy as well. My dad was mainly of english decent with a little native american (his mother was 1/2 — but males get their Y chromsome from the dad and hence their male traits) and my mom is of irish descent. I am also pretty strong with a natually big chest and wide shoudlers. And I am here on a PE board. :)

It might play a role, especially in modern times where we have many chemicals in our environment and foods that act like estrogens. I am sure that hormone receptors play a role also, as well as nurition during puberty. Body fat levels def. play a role IMHO. Look at most of the porn stars — they are usually skinny guys with a little build.


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