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Any clampers still get ROCK hard erections?


I clamped last night for the first time and Ive had boners allll day long today. I almost never get boners unless sexually stimulated, I guess you could say I suffer from ED. Is this normal to have boners all day from clamping? I feel like im getting my libido back! I did some light clamping (I think) no more than 3-5 minutes for three sets. I am hesitant to start clamping because I want to give a routine a CONSISTENT try, I have been PE’ing since last march or so but never a super consistent routine. But if clamping helps me with these boners I may stick with it a bit.

The increased blood flow that happens during clamping probably is causing this; unless you have been doing other things (ie= running ect…). It’s a good sign. Keep what you’re doing and increase time when ready. The only way clampers don’t get rock hard ones is because of the tightness of the clamp.

My erections are that of a certain super hero. My new penis name is “The Man of Steel”. :D

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Mine are still not as hard as I would like but I have not been very consistent with it. They get hard, just not “rock” hard.

I think I am gonna give clamping a go. Seems there is alot of good girth gain and the whole ‘steel-like’ erections is pretty sweet. Obviously, I am gonna invest a whole lotta time in research on how best to do this, or even if I ‘qualify’ to do so.

Kinda put off by the discoloration bit, but you know…who cares? No girl ever said ‘His cock is SO even in color. I am wet just thinking about it’ Anyway, I already have a darker penis compared to the rest of my body, so what’s a few shades more?

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I’ve been on and off with my PE since I worked my way through the newbie routine and never really had any real gains. I was reading a little in one of the threads about combining clamping and pumping and I’ve started doing this as a regular part of my routine and have seen serious results over the last 4 weeks due to it.
As far as the hard erections, I’ve never had harder erections than I have lately.

My wife has been real supportive of my entire PE experience. She has been helping monitor and watching for any and all progress. She has noticed that since I started the clamping and pumping routine that my girth has increased ALOT. And I swear if I got any harder of an erection, I’m afraid my skin is gonna split.
I got scared the first time about 2 weeks ago when I felt that and we had to stop right then and I turn the light on to check things out. I was afraid I had a problem. As luck would have it, there was nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, the wife was amazed that my erection was thicker and veinier and just flat out harder than ever before. No discoloration, no soreness, Nothing but 100% improvement of the old’ fun toy.
This website has been a godsend. Some of the best info to be found on the web.
Thanks Thunders Place and keep up the good work.

I clamp and pump moderately and have rock hard erections. I’m a little more sensitive and have slight discoloration but the gains outweigh the small side effects.

It’s just like anything in PE, if you overdo it, you’ll have problems. Keep it moderate and consistent.

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Rock Hard here. Can tend to have real full semi hards throughout the day. This was confusing at first as the thickness was full but my penis was only at a semi hard state. However when it is action time it is real rock hard.

Enjoy my clamping and will continue until I am completely satisfied with my gains. Slight discolouration but not much to worry about.

My erections weakened a bit when I first started simply because I was over doing it. Cut my min per rep down and now I am see great results. Improved erections and girth. Mainly on the base and in the CS but I will take the girth anywhere.

Been clamping for a couple of years. I am addicted to it, I love the feeling.

And I still get very hard when I want to.

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