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...another wailing post...

...another wailing post...

Is everything alright?

This is my current routine:
10 min hot wrap,
20 min slow strong jelqs
10 min hot wrap.
One day on, one day off.

Before I did no hot wraps and only horses and fast “weak” jelqs for about 40 - 50 mins.

Both did not or have not brought me any gains yet. But there is one difference: I know, it is stupid but I have the habit to measure - in case I measure at all - right after my jelq session. Now guess what I see when I put the ruler on my unit: Yeah, unfortunately this is true, I really have problems to get 90-100% erect after my current routine. (In my opinion it is at maximum 80%). But, my dick really looks well worked-out now when the last stroke has been moved forward - at least for two minutes or so. Also, my unit hangs much more heavier downwards after the session and when I try to become erect it really looks thick.
Does this mean I am on the wrong or right way? Too extreme?
My theories are that due to the fact that I look thicker you consider a defined length shorter. Then I think that due to this strong work-out the tissues and ligs inside are weakened. Moreover, the fact that I looked thicker means to me that the blood pressure that you have to build up for an erection goes into an expansion of the girth and not into length. Does this sound sensible?
I am really afraid of measuring on my off-days as I have the suspicion that my “shrinked” length will be confirmed. Yes I know. The ruler should be used only every four weeks or so to avoid becoming mad. But, every day when you look donw on your friend you see the same size. With the morning wood it is the same. So in any case, you measure every day. Sometimes it is the ruler in your hand and sometimes the one in your head.
I read the whole thread that Uncut4Big started a year ago (“Disusting gains”). It deals with the use of a infrared lamp while you perform your exercises. Apart from Uncut, is there anybody else who had made succesful gains by implementing an IR lamp in the routine??? For example, you did jelqs without lamp —> no gains! Then with lamp —> gains!


How long have you been doing this routine?

I’ve never noticed a lost in length after PE unless I’m not getting the best erection I can. But Hypothetically, your thoughts sound reasonable.

I used to do hot wraps after my PE session but then I read how after a hanging session it can cause the tissues to return to there original state. So I would also apply this to jelqing and stretching, I think heating is only necessary before your PE session (also optionally during) to loosen up the tissues and increase the give to them. After I jelq I just wash off the lube and then put on my ADS wrist wrap.

I’ve gained just over an 1/8” of girth in the last month since doing it this way.
With length gains too, but I attribute those primarily to hanging.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Try clamping and squeezing. Jelquing didn’t work for girth, for me, but clamping is 3working! dangle

I try not to put to much stock into the short term. I can feel with my hands that I’m getting bigger. Even though next to nothing shows up on the tap measure.

You guys have to be able to feel it don’t you?

Also just work on technique and getting a good workout. And forget about the tap measure. Hell even if you don’t grow a 1/2 of millimeter you still get good erection benefits.
I don’t know about you guys but it almost feels like puberty all over for me. I wake up with a huge erection every morning. And get hardon’s all throughout the day.

I’m like a school boy again, a school boy that want’s to make sweet sweet love to you. (Dumb and Dumber)*movie quote*

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hey Migs.

Dont get down. I did a “6 month” measure this month and had no gain. Besides Roussee and the Irish National Guard talking me off the ledge, I feel okay about it because it has improved “his” health and everything.

Some guys are fortunate, and/or have found the formula for them to gain well.

Hang (no pun intended) in there.

cead mile failte :lep:

Dear all,

“How long I have been following this routine?” - Well, for only about one month. Yes, I know what you are going to say now “One month is nothing in PE.” And so on. I agree.
But, yesterday, as I am a measure freak, I wanted to measure again. I think my routine is still too much. These strong and slow jelqs can charge your unit enormously. I was able to get 100% erect, but my feeling was that my friend did not feel very soft in the flaccid status. So I think there still were a lot fibers overstretched or overworked. Overstretched fibers, I think it is like with the muscles in your arms for example. If you have done a good workout and the next day you are stiff and aching there, you do not want to charge them as the feeling is like if you were tearing them. No???

Strange: When I take /took off several days (> 5) and come back with this jelq routine I get a good workout, with an erection afterwards which is almost 0.3-4.4 inches longer than now. Though my erection is not at 100 %. Maybe just 80% or so. But, my flaccid friend feels very soft and looks soft.
But, how to cement these temporary gains????? Any idea????

Hanging: When you hang, do you hang at low weights? I also used to hang in the past. Was a little bit impatient. That means I started out with more than 13 lbs and I wondered why I did not become sore any more after 2 or 3 weeks or so. Then, the vicious circle began. I increased the weight which also meant that I increased the slipping tendency of my hanger. —> frustration came up. I was onyl able to hang for 2 sets than I could not stand it any more. What do you suggest??? I think everything below 13 lbs I can bear. But what if the famous and absolutely necessary aching around your pubic bone goes away???



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