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Another "V-Stretch" variation I like.....

Another "V-Stretch" variation I like.....

This has been giving me a good stretch as I’ve been using it the last few days. Right in the base ligs too where I want it. You start out like you would with the “V-Stretch”. Starting totally flaccid, grab your glans with one hand, pull straight out or at a downward angle. With the thumb of your other hand push down as hard as is comfortable (w/out causing pain) at the base (on top of penis) and then, maintaining that downward push with the thumb and while still pulling out on the glans with the other hand, pull your penis by the glans upward at a 90 degree or similar angle toward your chest. You can do this stretch either standing, sitting or laying on your back. I prefer sitting. Just thought I’d share. My ligs dont seem to be adapting to these. I do these along with “A-Stretches”.

I do a few of those, but I only twist my wrist up about 45 degrees.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


What’s the difference between what you just wrote and a standard V-stretch?

I thought V-stretch was exactly the samething (pull out glans with one hand while pushing down on top of base with other hand’s thumb, in an effort to try to make sort of a V with the penis)….

If I’m wrong, then what is the standard way for V-stretch then?

(By the way I don’t do V stretches because I get insane amounts of lig pops when I do them to the point where I think I’m screwing something up…but A stretches don’t give me this problem nearly as much so I do those.)

These, for me anyway, put more stress on the ligs than a standard v stretch.

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