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Another Size Thread

Originally Posted by raoul2307
Then why is the clit positioned OUTSIDE the vagina?

So men can learn how to multitasking in pleasing women..not just thrust in and out. It is a combination of pounding, touching, kissing,etc all at the same time.

When you get a BJ, life is good

I think it’s just hilarious how sying it like it is and calling small guys small on here has caused so many hurt feelings. If anything it should be like calling a fat guy, who honestly is obese, “fat” at the gym. It’s not like you can’t do anything about it you guys are in a penis enlargement forum are you not? If anything you should be motivated not to prove us wrong with your own “size doesn’t matter debate” but with an “I am perfectly content with my body but still work to improve things” idiology. For anyone that doesn’t believe me go ask your significant other if there is anything she would change about your penis telling her that you will not get offended no matter what the answer. I even got a few points to improve on at my size which did not offend me at all.

I wouldn’t necessarily call women “size queens” for preferring bigger men or sex toys because that is purely sexual. A relationship is a hell of a lot more than just penis size and sex. Ever date a smoking hot but crazy insane or stupid woman? Yeah, how did that workout? Just like you wouldn’t call your woman ugly because it hurts her feelings even if part of you knows it to be true, like wise she won’t hurt your feeling by calling attention to your little inadequacy. That is unless you get into a fight and she has been saving that hurt card for a surprise “shock and awe” attack.

I myself started at 14 with what I can only remember was 4” by 4” and stepped out of highs school with 8” by 6” graduating with honors so I think I know what I am talking about. I plan on keeping pe up with less intensity and when into back to college later this year.

Hey GD it is not cool on thunders to say I am big, you are small, my huge dick makes women contort, you can’t.

Most of the bigger guys on thunders are pretty supportive of the smaller guys. they help out and they don’t brag about how big their dick is compared to everybody else’s dick.

I think you probably are supportive of all the guys trying to make an improvement too, but you aren’t coming off that way. More like a braggart.

Now here is why your first statement bothered me:

Have been around here for a while reading threads here are some things I have noticed:

- There are lots of guys around here who think they are small, but they are not.
- Usually they are virgins don’t have much sexual experience.
- They read stuff like this and they think “Oh I am so small I can never satisfy a women”
- Then they say, “I cannot have sex with a woman until I am 8x6 or 9x7”

So they basically get into this loop where they are afraid to approach girls, afraid to have sex etc. Which is a stupid waste of time when they should be out having a great time with women.


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Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
I think it’s just hilarious how sying it like it is and calling small guys small on here has caused so many hurt feelings.

I myself started at 14 with what I can only remember was 4” by 4” and stepped out of highs school with 8” by 6” graduating with honors so I think I know what I am talking about. I plan on keeping pe up with less intensity and when into back to college later this year.

Would it be hilarious if you were small?

And those last two lines, like I said, huge ego.

I am not trying to boast about my size at all. I apologize if I came off this way to anyone. I am not really the bragging type but I do come across as abrasive and pushy sometimes.

For the rest of your post I was like, oh sh**! I remember feeling the exact same way when I was a virgin. Too afraid to talk to girls and afraid that I wasn’t big enough to satisfy them with what I had. I quickly developed an addiction to porn when i was going through puberty and in doing so developed an unhealthy fetish for having a larger member. Then once i developed the size i had quested for even when I did lose my virginity I knew the woman wasnt satisfied because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

Then when I did lose my virginity I couldn’t get laid again no matter how hard I tried until I thoroughly researched sociology and self help books and worked on every aspect of my personality to shine. Having a large penis didn’t do anything to help me get or keep a relationship on it’s own. I think I missed out on developing a healthy mindset and building healthy relationships by focusing so much of my free time on pornography and penis enlargement before I had finished puberty.
If anything I think we put to much emphasis on large cocks and too little on buildng healthy relationships with other people.

Thank you sta-kool for pointing that blunder out to me. I will am sorry if I stepped on anyone’s feelings.

TheGreatDivider, I’m sure the apology is appreciated by some, even if it’s a few posts too late, but you defended your position a few times so it seems a little forced to me.

Just something to think about:

As a result of about a month of posting like a madman you can now display “Senior Member” under your name.
I for one don’t think that makes you a senior member, but to a lot of people who won’t “do the math” you now look like you are veteran on this site.

You have earned a responsibility to represent this site in a mature and respectful manner as some “newer” members and lurkers will automatically give a lot of weight to what you post.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it's open to making a donation!

My apology was as honest and heart felt as possible. Quite often it is easy to forget what struggles we went through in the past. I forgot about the heart ache and struggles I went though until now.

I actually am a pe vet, posting like a mad man just means I need to get out and disconnect from technology more. Although the reputation of a senior member will help with some of the projects I have just been itching to post for guys here.

GD - Sounded sincere to me. I know from interacting with you in other threads that you are a good guy.

That story you told reminded me of this article:

Does Size Matter? by Daniel Rose, author of “The Sex God Method…es-size-matter/


So then, why is penis size such a frequent insecurity among men? The reason is that it is a vicious cycle among guys who don’t get laid very much. Their only sexual outlet is internet porn, which almost always features guys with freakishly large cocks. Seeing that size is the measure of your worth in the porn world, they begin to think that size is the measure of your worth in the real world too. This causes them to become insecure about their merely average sized penis.

When they do have sex with a girl, their insecurities ruin their Immersion. That is, they start to think and worry in bed, instead of just enjoying the experience and being in the moment. This makes them perform poorly in bed.

But, they don’t recognize that the reason why they are performing poorly is because of their insecurities caused by this limiting belief. Instead, they take their sexual failure as evidence that their beliefs about penis size are true.

They then go back and masturbate to porn that stars guys with even bigger dicks, and the vicious cycle continues.

Don’t get caught in this cycle. If you haven’t been performing as well as you’d like in bed, recognize that this is caused by your insecurities, not your penis size.


more at link.


You say you are a pe vet but you started at 14, any of those “gains” were probably natural growth.

Originally Posted by Damien84

Liked what you had to say and I agree with it. Do you have the original article? Can it be found online somewhere?

Sorry, her column is in one of those “extra” magazines that comes with the newspaper on fridays, and it’s not online, at least not for free. If it helps, there wasn’t a lot more to it than I repeated here, plus it would be in Norwegian. :)

There seem to be only extremes of opinion, either “Size doesn’t matter” or “Women need a big dick”. I think it’s probably true that all else being equal a large amount of women would prefer a larger penis (there’s a lot of research and evolutionary biology to back the idea) but they’d also prefer a massive bank balance and a guy who’s seven feet tall. When it’s not on the cards they’ll settle and often not crave it. You don’t need a big dick to get a girl off hard, same way you don’t need to be Brad Pitt to get a girlfriend. Sure, it’d help, but nobody’s expecting you to be a good looking millionaire.

I’d also like to add that while a girl is unlikely to break up with you solely to find someone with a larger penis, they may very well break up with you if you are constantly insecure. A big dick has limited attractiveness, insecurity has almost unlimited unattractiveness.

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For those of you yearning to, there are loads of threads on the topic “Asked GF - ex has bigger dick - can’t get it off my mind - our relationship is going south”

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by sta-kool

And along those lines - do not ask your girl questions about your penis or the size of her ex-boyfriend’s penis.

YES :)

And maybe you shouldn’t ask even about how many she had. :)

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