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Another rant about measuring


Another rant about measuring

This whole thing about the non-existent standard for measuring is really bugging me, because whether we like it or not, most of us have a need to compare ourselves to the rest.

We have standardized methods for body height and weight. 6 feet tall is 6 feet tall and we know exactly what that means - it sure doesn´t mean 6 feet standing on your toes. And when someone says he or she weighs 150 pounds it doesn´t mean 150 pounds with heavy boots on, a backpack full of beer and a motorcycle helmet, does it? But when it comes to ol´Dick it´s another thing.

Just take a look at the surveys. Some of them even claim to be scientific. Scientific-schmeientific I say. As several members on this board has pointed out before me, there is a lot to be said about these surveys, and it sure ain´t nice things. Kinsey might have been the best in the bunch, and that survey is still a joke. It´s a scary example of crappy science and it´s a miracle he didn´t end up selling snakeoil on the countryside for the rest of his life. Instead he´s remembered as the überguru of human sexuality. Oh, the irony.

In my opinion, there is only one document about dick size worth the name and it´s a creature born and raised within this community. Yup, I´m talking about DLD´s “Is everything that we see…” Unfortuneatly it focuses on pornstars (which was the purpose) so it doesn´t say much about Joe Average, but at least it says something valid about what we claim to be gigantic, and that´s not bad.

It´s about time we got a standardized method fellas. A good one.

Are we ever going to get any better than BPEL with the penis held paralell to the ground?

Even that is prone to inaccuracy, from all sorts of factors, such as where the pressing occurs, as the bone can be missed which results in higher measurements.

Or perhaps the member pictures section is the best we have to go on.

Are there no more scientific studies being done on average size?

‘Cough’, my pic…*ahem*.

Re: Another rant about measuring

Originally posted by sizemoore

It´s about time we got a standardized method fellas. A good one.

I had what I now call wrong measurements due to this when I first began PE. I didn’t realize that the measurement was different if I did a BP measure beside the penis, rather than above it with my penis running along the bottom of the ruler. With the ruler on the side, my I measured 6” and with it on top of the shaft, I measured 5.75”.

To deal with this problem I set some rules for measuring (for me, not for others).

1.) Always measure above; never measure beside
2.) Don’t place the ruler where the penis and pelvic meet, because the skin is tight from the erection and prevents me from pressing the ruler all the way to the bone (and hurts like a bitch). Rather, I put the ruler about half a cm from where the base of my penis meets my body. The measurements are the same—for me—and a lot less painful and I can get the ruler all the way to the bone easier.
3.) Measure twice
4.) Don’t measure when I’m moments away from an orgasm, as the my penis may be extraordinarily engorged.

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I understand your rant and I agree. I prefer the side measurement for consistency but if I am going to brag to my girl about dick size it’s going to be non-bone pressed from the front. There is a difference between the 2 measurements for me and this is why I use one to track my gains and one to feel embarrassed about my huge fat pad.

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I feel like a good measurement is what I can actually use or put inside a girl.

I just feel fraudulent saying that any measurement is almost 7 inches, when in reality my member is under 6.

I’ve done some testing out with the ruler and have found the method I will use when posting my long awaited length measurement shot.. I think it is the most acurate, here goes.

Hold the ruler on the side and bone press, the ruler is in the middle of the penis and pushed into the pubic bone… Because the ruler is on the side and ‘flush’ with the pubic bone there is no room for error as it’s sitting on top of the penis in the middle and the ruler is flush against the pubic area, keeping it straight and as level as it can be. There is no chance of riding the ruler up using this method.. May be just me but I think this is the best to do it with the least errors…


I think you are describing the same method I started using a few days ago.

I position the long edge of the rule along the top side of the penis. The base of the ruler (short edge) will then be positioned between the ligaments and directly on the public bone.

Yep, thats it.


Thats’s exactly how I do it. Being cut, I find the skin in my pubic area to be very taught whilst erect and pressing a ruler into it is not only a little painful but I also find it hard to ptlss it into the bone and measure at the same time.

I’ve tried measuring both ways and personally I’ve found the measurements to be the same. The ruler is hitting the same bone but at the side it’s much more comfortable.

lol. I think that method just chopped off 0.2” of my BP-measurement. Time to get depressed? Nah.. I guess I’ll just have to make my dick 0.2” longer… *Grrrr. I got a bit discouraged now though :P. Good method to measure though, I’ll use that from now on instead.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Hey guys! I just re-measured my erection by measuring from under my nuts bone pressed and, I am 9”!! Guess I’m done here! ;)

HEY, I just measured from behind my ass, and now my dick is 16”, isn’t that COoooollll??!?!?!?!?

Ok. :bang:

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

What RWG described is how I’ve done it from the beginning.

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I guess my method is similar to RWG and RB. The ruled edge is over the center of the top of my dick, so the non ruled edge is to the right side. The zero end of the ruler is pressed in at about 3/8” to 1/2” above the root of my dick into the pubic bone. If I put the ruler dead center then the ruled edge does not see the furthest tip of my dick since it is hidden by the ruler, and besides this position hurts and I can’t really press all the way to bone.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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