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Another -"It works" post...

Another -"It works" post...

Well I’m a believer! I’m writing this post to give inspiration to the ones just starting out.

I’ve known about PE for years but never really got interested. Then about three months ago I stumbled onto this website again and said “what the hell”. I’ve been jelqing approx 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10-15 minutes before bed (medium intensity, no blood spots or pain). I hang once and a while with a home made swim-cap style hanger. I can now hang 20lbs pretty comfortably but the hanger tends to slip off (time for a upgrade). Anyhow here’s the stats:

BPEL: 7.00
Girth: 5.50

BPEL: 7.50
Girth: 5.50

I was never trying for more girth only length (pretty wide for wife already). I see newbie posts here and there asking is this real? YES! I’m going at it pretty half-assed and still getting results. I have nothing to gain by lying.

The best thing we could do is start spreading the word. I told the guys at work I had a friend into this and he made gains, now they’re interested! I don’t like telling people I’m doing it just because of human nature; if people hear your getting a longer dick they tend to look at you package more out of curiosity, I’m a little uncomfortable with this

Anyhow, Stick with it and the gains will come, 3 months sounds like a long time but it was a blink of the eye.

Are you sure you’re not a swimcap salesman? :p Congratulations on your gain, and here’s to more!

Yeah, Yeah The only way to go is swimcaps if you want big gains!! I currently have 150 in stock at the blowout price of….

Just kidding, The swim cap method kinda sucks but I didn’t want to invest any real money until I saw som gains

Well, now you know that it works for you! You started off fairly big, so it’s not too surprising that you waited a few years to start doing PE.

I’ve told two friends about it. It was a little weird, but I had to tell someone. That was several years ago, and I don’t think either of them have done any PE yet.

Seems MDC doesn’t know his history.

The Internet Real-PE boom started with a site run by a guy using the name “Tom Hubbard”. Tom described his own success at adding an inch by hanging, and said how he did it. The swimming cap was the peak of his own inventiveness at the time. A lot of guys 4 or 5 years ago when this thing was first blowing up got started on the swimming cap method.

Welcome to thunders labrat!! Check out the hangers forum and I highly recomend the Bib hanger, if your short on cash you can make and older style bib

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Hey lab rat I am going to build a swimcap for a ADS for haning golf weights, have you tried that?

God Bless the Marine Corps. Started 11/10/03 NBPEL-7.5" Mid shaft EG-5.6" Target size: NBPEL-9.5" Mid shaft EG-6.5"


I’ve been around PE for 5 years. Of course I’m quite familiar with the swimcap method for hanging. I put the :p there for some reason???

Welcome too AnotherLabRat, yeah, this stuff does work, changed my life forever. Never thought it would work in the beginning too. Can’t imagine life without it now……

My apologies MDC, with 1200 posts to your name, I should have guessed.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for ADS yet. I really have no goals and kinda just doing it for fun (though I can see where this will become an addiction). I actually enjoy hanging and probably ready to step up to a Bib or something. I REALLY want to thank you guys for all the info! Sorry I don’t post much but I couldn’t see any reason to without some gains.

A quick note for Newbies:
I smoke,
I drink coffee like a fiend,
I have no strict regiment of PE,

and I still made gains! Remember doing something (WITHOUT INJURY) is better than saying thats too hard and doing nothing at all. Even if you can’t hang 5 hours a week chances are the little you do will help. Jelq when you can and don’t get upset because you missed a few days (this is not a science yet, the few days you missed could have helped?!?). I probably won’t post again for a while as my time is limited (I barely sqeeze in the PE I would like). Thanks again!

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