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Another "Heard Those Words" Thread

Another "Heard Those Words" Thread

Are they getting annoying as well? Well, here’s another. My wife and I were getting into things last when she uttered those words that make us all never want to quit PE. “Those exercises are really working. How much have you grown?”

I told her I hadn’t measured in a while, but guess what I did first thing? No, after that. Yup, I measured. And I gained 1/8 in girth and almost 1/4 in length. That takes me to 5 1/4 girth and 6 3/8 length. WOO HOO! One small step, but in the right direction. Thanks for everyone who contributes their time to this site. Thunder, you should be sainted.


No way! The reactions from SO’s make all our hard work pay off and they are the best motivators around.

Nice gains by the way, keep ‘em coming!

Sadly I miss informed. I think. In one post I put that I started at 6 1/4, but in another I put 6 1/8. Don’t know why the variation, but that takes my length gain down to 1/8 inch (if you go by the larger beginning stat). Hey, it’s a gain though. I am extremely happy with it.


I never had a girl say she’s seen an improvement but I have had girls tell me I feel huge.

But they said that when I was 5 1/2” too.

They’re gonna tell you that even if they can’t feel it at all, if they’re a nice girl.

Damn I love girls! Even the bitches.

I recently told my wife I was a moderator on a PE site. After asking why I would ever want to grow my penis, she remarked, “You sure aren’t doing that for me! I don’t care.”

But, you know. She’s been making a lot more noises recently. ;)

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Oh, they care. And, dongdon, it is my wife so she really doesn’t need to make me feel better (she’s never worried about it before anyway :D ). Even if she was, it was nice to hear.


That is good gains man! Congrats!

I love the looks they get on their faces upon insertion. That is evidence right there that things are working.

Just last night my wife was giving me a BJ and she didn’t say a thing, she just looked at it for a bit and then looked up at me and then back at it. Then she just went to town! man the look on her face was priceless.

For real, I wasn’t trying to dampen the thread just girls can lie their pretty asses off!

I have not told Mrs. OHL about my PE adventures but she does seem to be more in to it lately.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

This weekend the girlfriend and I we’re enjoying a little quality time and as I proceeded with the main event she actually gasp a bit and looked at me quizzically. She doesn’t know about the PE but I can tell you after on a few months I am a believer.

Thanks to all the “old timers” for their advice and encouragement!


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