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If the average length of an aroused vagina is 6” from vulva to posterior fornix, and 4” to 6” includes about 80% of all women, why is it that the average man can’t reach the posterior fornix, and posterior fornix orgasms aren’t common?

Is Barbara Keesling, author of Super Sexual Orgasm, correct in saying that the cervix and uterus is simply blocking access? Or is it true that women really do get really, really big, and gynos who have done size surveys just haven’t picked up on that?


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Average woman can take 9” nbp, so 6” long excited vagina is an understatement. Also reaching it is one thing, putting enough pressure on it is another one.

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The average breast size isn’t far off the average ideal. The average hip to waist ratio isn’t far off the average hip to waist ideal, as long as body fat is not too high or too low. The average height isn’t too far off the average ideal height, percentage wise. It seems really silly that men’s penises are so short, especially in light of the fact that our penises may even be more attractive to women than breasts and butts are to us. Breasts and butts stick out and look good to us. Our penises stick out, desire women, look good (?), AND make them feel good.


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