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Angle when jelqing makes difference...

Angle when jelqing makes difference...

I’ve always seen people write that the direction you jelq in (downwards, upwards etc) doesn’t matter. I think it does. When you jelq underhand (palms up), you must jelq harder to push in more blood. But if you jelq overhand (palms down), this result in that you must press the penis downwards. This angle makes it harder for blood to come in - but at the same time, blood won’t come out as easily. That’s what I’ve noticed at least, and I’ve also found that your penis becomes more erect/easier to hold an erection - which is good for girth, of course. I jelq overhand, because I don’t feel much intensity with underhand.

Anyone else experienced this? Or someone who can talk against this theory?

Aye, in my experience an ‘over-hand’ jelq directing the motion pointing to the floor is very good for length gains. While, on the other hand, an ‘under-hand’ (palm facing upwards) jelq directing the motion pointing to the cieling is better for girth gains.

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I jelq palm up with my left hand and palm down with my right.But I don’t do it for any reason other than I’m trying to correct a slight left curvature,and this method seems to push me back to the right.

I think the reason you feel a better jelq from palms down is because while jelqing palms down your index finger applies pressure directly on the corpus spongiosum which is what connects to the head. While jelqing palms up there’s not a direct pressure on the CS which means your head isn’t NEARLY as hard while doing the jelq.

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