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An Unbelievable Technique


An Unbelievable Technique

I am so excited and astounded that I could almost crap in my pants. I have been doing the DLD Blasters while hanging and getting great results. About 10 days ago I added Fulcrum Hanging to my workouts. I fabricated a 1/4 inch steel rod and put a thin thread spool over it. I place the Bib Starter as close to the glans as I can (about 1/2” behind) and drape my shaft over the spool with the rod resting on folded cloth on each thigh. I hang 15 lbs. and can move the apex of the fulcrum from my base about 3 inches down my shaft. The stretch on the shaft is unbelievable (I use a heating pad with a moist towel on it to heat the whole area).

I can hit the ligs or the upper shaft by simply moving the rod forward or backward.

Now, the reason for my excitment - BIG GAINS!

I went from 7.7” BPEL to 8” BPEL in about 3 weeks. I took two days off and measured again. Guess what? Still 8”!!!!

I can visually see that my shaft is longer. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I had been trying to find a way to lengthen my shaft and was concentrating on the tunica. I discovered that the lig that runs down the top of my shaft was really tight, like a steel cord. The Fulcrum Hanging combined with the DLD Blaster has really loosened that dorsal ligament up. This is probably not a combination for newbies to jump right into. I am hanging about 4 hours a day, so I think that the time combined with the new technique is producing these startling results. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months brings.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Great gains

JT, great gains man, i’m a little confused on how exactly you did this. It would be something i really need to look into in about 4 months when i start incorporating hanging into my jelq sessions. Right now i’m just trying to get to 6.0 girth but should be there soon. are you saying you hang your pecker over a steel rod? jw thanks for the news.. good job.


Going for 9

Sounds like a really good idea to maybe start incorporating into my workout. I have been hanging about 5 months and have done mostly BTC, and more recently added OTS and OTL hanging. Both of those seem to be helping, I think due to the fact that I have a low angle erection. I was wondering if you could better explain that technique. It’s a little bit confusing to understand…or even better, draw up a cheesy diagram, those always work…hehe.

Great gains!!

good to hear from you again. 4 hours, and the wife is ok with that? Did you ever end up having to nail either of those chick that found out about your PE? give us and update man! Enquiring minds want to know!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yes Jelk…..we’d like to know just how neighborly you are…..:hanger:

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Jelktoid, this is awesome! Any way to draw a diagram or a clearer step-by-step explanation? We for sure would love that :) I am looking forward to incorporating it in my workouts.

Way to GO, Jelk!!!

Re: An Unbelievable Technique

Originally posted by jelktoid
I am so excited and astounded that I could almost crap in my pants.

7.7” BPEL to 8” BPEL in about 3 weeks. I took two days off and measured again. Guess what? Still 8”!!!!

Congratulations…8” is the bomb and everything after that is gravy;)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Sorry Guys

I’m sorry that I did not respond earlier.

To all of those inquiring about my previous experience of getting caught -

That old thread was bumped back to life, but the situation is buried in the past. We have all gone on and are living our normal lives - except me, of course, because I have a much bigger dick. The ladies don’t talk about it that I know of. They are both dealing with personal problems and new jobs, so I doubt that I am much of a topic of conversation with them anymore.

To those who want to know more about the technique -

Fulcrum hanging is fairly simple. Imagine taking a steel rod and resting it high on your thighs across your balls. You can do this either laying down or slumped down in a chair as you would do if haning BTC. Put on your hanger and drape the hanger and all over the steel rod. Attach the weight to the hanger and - voila -
Fulcrum hanging! You can wrap something around the rod to cushion your point of contact. I use a thin thread spool because it spins on the rod and allows me to move the apex of the fulcrum easily. Another guy on the forum hangs using the fulcrum method, but he stands up and holds his shaft up with his fingers which is very tiring. However, if you try it that way, you will understand the general principle and will be able to understand my method.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Great idea, Jelktoid.

I found a heavy duty pants hanger that was made of 1/4” rod and cut out the straight section. It even came with rubber protective tips that I re-used so the ends don’t gouge my thighs. An old wooden thread spool fits the rod perfectly, but the bare wood was a bit rough so I glued on some sweatshirt material.

I didn’t have the privacy to hang today, but I played with it for a few minutes doing manual stretches. It’s much better than a Coke can.

To all who have been doing fulcrum stretches by bending your dick down instead of up ala 7-up’s original “v-stretches”: have you noticed any change in curvature? I have a slight upward curve, and I’d like to keep it.

Originally posted by hobby
Great idea, Jelktoid.
I have a slight upward curve, and I'd like to keep it.

Indeed :D

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


I also have an upward curve. However, I believe that the reason for the upward curve is a tight dorsal ligament. Mine feels like a steel band running down the top of my shaft. I have noticed that my tunica seems to be much more pliable, However, the dorsal ligament was not as pliable. In fact, I determined it to be my limiting factor in flaccid stretches. When I started doing the Fulcrum Hanging, I started to loosen that ligament up and stretch it out. I believe that this released length gains that were already present as a result of previous hanging and jelqing.

I am fairly sure that stretching the dorsal ligament will reduce my upward curve, but I am OK with that. Now that I have hit 8”, I don’t think that the curve will make a lot of difference to me. For you, the dorsal ligament may not be a limiting factor. One way to tell is to stretch your unit all the way out and then move the head upward and downward as far as you can while keeping the shaft extended. If it is easy to move the head upward but more difficult to move it downward, the dorsal lig is the limiting factor.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Thanks for this technique. This will be the one that puts me over 8 inches. I’m trying it for the first time now and I am getting an unbelievable lig stretch like I never have before. I can’t even imagine doing DLD’s with this…my ligs would cry from torture. Thanks!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Originally posted by goingdeep

Thanks for this technique. This will be the one that puts me over 8 inches. I'm trying it for the first time now and I am getting an unbelievable lig stretch like I never have before. I can't even imagine doing DLD's with this…my ligs would cry from torture. Thanks!

Make em cry…Make em cry :D

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

These questions are for Jelktoid and anyone who’s doing dual fulcrum hanging. I got few questions I hope you can answer.

1. Have you gotten additional gains from dual fulcrum hanging since December?

2. Do you place the rod at the base or at the middle shaft. My penis is not long enough for me to fit the rod at the middle, because the bib hanger takes up half my penis. Therefore, I can only place the rod at the base. Can this still work?

3. Aren’t there any long term effects in 10 or 20 years from now on a person’s urethra from doing this type of hanging? The urethra is taking up so much pressure and weight that I assume it might have serious consequences as you get older. Do you worry that as you hit middle age that you might have trouble urinating or ejaculating because of a damaged urethra?

Keep in mind guys Dual Fulcrum STRETCHING works too. I see guys get all hyped up on these hanging threads and get the feeling they think stretching doesnt work. I’ve gained 1/8” of bone pressed stretched flaccid length over the last couple weeks through dual fulcrum stretches and the “Blasters”.

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