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An Odd PE Story


Originally Posted by Braingasm
…(omissis)…. It was a secret technique used by boys with big dicks to restrain their erections.

Is this what doesn’t make sense to me: why only the boys with big dicks did know this secret techinqe?


Perhaps Marinera, it was not a secret thing. It was just something a guy with a big dong needed to know.
Also, perhaps there were less of these guys during that time or perhaps people did not speak about how embarrassed they were with their erections so the knowledge was not pass on.

Well Marinera, there is a lot of perhaps but one thing is certain is that it was used primarily to constrict an erection.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I am having trouble understanding how anything wrapped around a penis could prevent an erection unless it was setup to produce pain upon erection. In my experience, any wrapping has only caused a greater erection with less arousal.

In any event this has given me the idea of doing stealth clamping. I have taken a decon break from PE and started clamping and ADSing. I am very pleased with my erection and so is my wife.

Long live PE.


Shelovesit, the only way anything wrapped around your penis would cause a bigger erection is if you already had one before wrapping. Here, it’s a bit different, you wrapped when there were no erection, thereby preventing blood from going into your penis.

Anyways if you do try it please tell us, what happens.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Well, I don’t want to go to much ahead on this debate, but If you wrap your penis so tight that erection can’t happen, and the wrapping last for some hours a day, the results can be only one : necrosis of tissues; your penis will become dead-meat.

If the wrapping is not so tight, you will have an engorgement, altough you wrapped in limp state; this engorgement, if prolonged, will cause a fatter penis.

So, if those boys where wearing a clamp-like thing, this is the cause, not the consequence, of their large size.

(It’s a PERSONAL opinion).


Right. Well I wore my leather cockstrap at work for a couple of hours. I wore it lose and then tight. I am surprised, no engorgement. I tried to stimulate myself but again no erection. One reason could be that I had great sex last night.

I plan to try something elastic. The leather strap gives me a tremendous engorgement when I am anticipating penetration with my sexy wife but without stimulous at that level I have trouble starting the engorgement process. I was not in the least bit horny.

I clamp while watching porn or with morning wood. My clamping experience is that if the clamp is too tight then it inhibits erection. So I clamp to a level that allows a strong erection then I clamp it hard. I clamp behind the balls. Once I am fully engorged and “bulletproof”, I press on my BC muscle for further pressure. I have been clamping for years and have never injured myself.

When I wear the leather strap after several clamping sessions and several days of taking L-Arginine, my girth is at least 1/2 inch greater. Last night my wife said I was “huge” and what did you do. I told her that I did my “exercises”.

I still plan to experiment with ADE (All Day Engorgement). Again my next experiment is with a stretchy cock ring.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

A ring like that would not stop blood flow to supress erection. How does a cock ring or clamping give you a bigger boner? Answer, it cuts off the blood flowing out of the penis to the body, while allowing blood to flow into the penis. This causes the engorgement. These guys are doing PE and lying to you about it so you don’t realize they are doing it. I wouldn’t/don’t go around admitting to PEW. I want everyone to think I was born that way. If you had to make it bigger it seems to make it seem a little less impessive than if you were born with it.


I think elastic ring would be safer than leather cock-ring. Just my 2 cents :) .


I agree with you. I just need to find an elastic one that I can wear behind the balls. I plan to look soon.


Rubber band or hair tie thinger?

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Originally Posted by spaghettidick
Rubber band or hair tie thinger?

Don’t use that shit, just purchase a jelly cock ring. They are inexpensive too.

Originally Posted by tntjockey
Don’t use that shit, just purchase a jelly cock ring. They are inexpensive too.

Can you recommend a product here? There are so many to chose from. Again behind the balls.

I was also looking at an inflatable version. It is like a little inner tube.


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