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An appropriate ADS, any suggestions?

An appropriate ADS, any suggestions?

Can any one make any appropriate suggestions for an ADS?

It seems to be that a couple of hours would be quite beneficial for length . girth growth.

So can any one suggest an ADS, that is easy to get on, easy to get off and is very low profile so I can ware it to work under my trousers?

I have tried the ones that have a “suction” end cap and after a short while I get bad fluid build up. (maybe a suggesiton to stop this?) I have tried BIB stretcher, but I cant put this under my trousers to big, I cant use the tradition stretchers as they are to big as well.

I did see one (my Monkey Bar - I think) that was a sort of plastic coated wire that could be bent around, and that looked perfect, but apparently this is not made any more.

So, can any one suggest anything, I did find some plastic coated wire (in the home and garden section!) but the wire wasnt stiff enough. So a “home made” product suggestion is great also.

Many thanks

A modest goal, 7" X 6" then I am out of here.!

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The Captn’s Wench could be used as an ADS.

- The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

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