Amateur Questions

I’ve been involved in PEing for about 8 months now and made some gains,
About ½ length but no real erected girth. Strange thing is I’ve increase at least 1/4 flaccid girth(4.25) and after jelq it increases to 5 in girth but when erect its on only 4.5.

Other measurements
Flaccid length 4.25 was 4
Girth 4.25 was 4

Erect length alittle over 6.5 was around 6
Girth 4.5 mid, 5 at base
Flaccid stretch 7.25

Goal is first 7 x 5+ ASAP
Then 8 x 6 ultimate goal whenever I can get it

Routine (6-7 x week)
AM 20 stretches @ 10 each (pick 4 different ones)
PM 20 stretches @ 10 each (pick 4 different ones)
200 slow jelq 3-5 sec ea
Squeezes 3-5 rep 20 sec


1.I get my best pump after 200 jelq then 1 squeeze, should I stop there?
2.Should I back off on the day’s 2on, 1 on?
3.Back off on the jelq (maybe 50 just too warm up) then do more squeezes?
4.Change anything else?

I know with bodybuilding if you work past your max pump then you have done too much
(I’m 205 at 8% BF so I know alittle about that), is PE the same?