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Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?

Just a quick question for all of you. I know that I am not the only one that is more aware of his dick with growth. It seems to me that the more of a flacid hang that I get the more aware I am of it being there. I mean I have always known that my dick was there, but now it “really” seems to be there. I mean physically it is there, but now mentally it is “really” there. I feel like Luke Skywalker in the fact that I have the force with me. How about you all? Have you all become more aware of your members with any growth, be it length or girth?

Maybe I am just more in tune with it. After all, with me doing PE on a regular basis now, we do have a lot more personal time together…LOL

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

‘Tis true. After a pump session and increased flaccid hang it’s all “there”. And if I’ve tinkered with cialis and stay much more pumped after then it’s really really all there. But beware of over doing it. If suddenly it’s not there or seems overly small then stop for a few days.

It's better to think you're doing something than to sit back and wonder what might have been Start: 12/2003 EBPL: 7 15/16 EG: 5 1/4 Now: 12/2004 EBPL: 8 1/2 EG: 5 5/8 (pumped is 5 7/8 mid, 6.25 base) FL: 6.25

With me it is a little different. Although I have gained and the ruler proves me that, I personally look at my penis and think that nothing happened. I guess the increases are too slow to surprise me. I think one gets used to even a bigger penis very very quickly.

So, for me, this is a very different story

I’m like lyou ongman, and I have developed a inner sence of the force as it relates to PE. I mean I can sence what kind of soreness (heavy, mild, light, strong), pin and needles types feelings from manual stretching and hanging, isolation kegeling by targeting and streghthing certain areas of the genital muscles both PC and BC that is going to give me quick growth. Call me crazy but I have been measuring almost every day for the past 6 months and this has given me a very accurate picture of what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong each day. I actually gained today and am very happy. I will say one thing, good sleep is required for good gains. You litterly will gain overnight from your body repairing the heavy soreness around the base of your penis where your pubes are…

For me it is sometimes that I can not believe how big my flaccid hang is now.

Much thicker and longer and it feels great!

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Learning even more about PE(nearly every day)

Changing routine, Current: jelqing, clamping, obends, kegel

I’m more aware of mine, too. My dick doesn’t “turtle up” much any more, so that’s one reason. I’m really liking having some flaccid hang. It still isn’t “big” but I’m workin’ on it. I’ve started wearing weights (golf weights) all day so that’s obviously made a difference, too.

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I too am more aware of my dick in my trousers.It’s a great feeling,the swinging motion when I don’t have underwear and wear baggy pants.And I am more aware of the bulge.Hell yeah!

Good to know that I am not alone. But I still feel then need to PE until I reach my mark. I am not even sure that I will stop doing it then. Who knows how big this thing will get. Thanks for the reply guys.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

Originally Posted by MrP-P
If suddenly it’s not there then stop for a few days.

For some reason that has got to be the funniest thing I have ever read


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