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Am I overdoing it

Am I overdoing it

Hey fella’s

Whats the deal. It seems everytime I have a productive workout, the next day I got shrinky dick. I jelq, horse440s, ULI and pump. Usually my session last’s a little over an hour.When I take a couple of days off it seems to fill up to a decent size flaccid. Does any one else expeience this and am I over doing it.


I get the same thing. I’ll get a good workout and feel good about myself when I notice I’ve plumped up and it stays around. Recently I gained 3/8 in girth from my new routine and maintained that until I took 2 days off for rest. Now I can’t seem to get that again with the same routine. I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks.

I’m in the same boat. Hopefully some of the veteran gainers in here can shed some light on both of us.


Shrinky dick is a fairly common occurrence among PE’ers and especially more evident with newbies. For me personally, the next day shrinky dick phenomenon has definitely decreased to not being a problem anymore, especially in the past 8 months. I think my dick has finally accustomed itself to all of the stresses and no longer retracts in recovery like it used to in the beginning. Maintaining a substantial post exercise flaccid size has always been one of my major goals, and I’ve finally got this one licked.


Hey guys,

Thanx for the replies, I figure I’ve been on and off with PE for almost a year now and now I’m more consistant with my routines lately. My dick definately feels beat up but I think I’ll shorten my routine so I can consistantly do 2 on one off. Also following a good long workout, the next day my erections aren’t as strong as the night before.


I had the same experience as peforeal. At the beginning there was more ‘shrinky dick’ but that goes after you have been exercising constantly. Also, one is much more aware of what is hanging between his legs, and sometimes it just seems to shrink more often, but is no different than before.

And regardless of flaccid growth, there will be times when it shrinks back a lot. Mothernature.


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