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Am I doing it right?

Am I doing it right?

I just started jelqing last week after reading many of the posts from this site. I am uncut, so I have had to develop a technique of my own. Please tell me if you think I’m doing this right.

1. I found that, being uncut, I needed to hold the base of my skin to avoid pulling it too hard. I do this by placing the tips of my index and middle fingers on either side of my penis and push up against the pubic bone. Then I jelq with the other hand.

2. My skin, which rolls easily acts as a natural “lubricant.” I start at the base of my penis and, with a firm squeeze, roll all the over the head of my penis- the full length.

3. I do this mostly in a flacid state…not quite hard, not quite soft.

4. I make 15 to 20 strokes with one hand, and then switch hands.

5. I’m doing this for about 10 minutes a day.

For those of you who have been involved in this longer than me, am I doing it right? I’d hate to do something that’s not proper and cause injury.

Sounds about right. Being cut I can’t say for sure, but you may want to try using that ‘holding’ hand at the base and try doing temp tourniquet squeezes at the end of the stroke so you don’t get too much blood flow back out of the penis. Of course with that you’ll need to let it out at some point, perhaps when you change up hands. Just my two farthings.

I’m also uncut and came up with the same technique as you. However, I stop at the head and do not go over it.

I have been Jelqing for about a month or so with no problems, so I guess its OK.


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