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Am I damaging the nerves when I stretch?

Am I damaging the nerves when I stretch?

Kinda newbie question considering I have been PE’ing for 10 months

Anyway, some post on Thunder’s got me worried that I have been gripping wrong and damaging the nerves.

When I stretch, I grip the head-shaft meeting point with my finger nearest my body, as this gives a convienient ridge to grip. I grip the rest of the head with my next finger.

My fingers are wrapped around palm down.

Is this bad? If so, which regions should I not touch?


If you haven’t been noticing numbness or other any changes in feeling and your erections are good as always, then I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Especially if you’ve been doing it for 10 months.

I prefer to keep my grip away from the head and frenulum because it doesn’t feel right to me (like I’m damaging something). But when I keep my grip away from the head and frenulum, I feel a good stretch, so I keep it that way. It’s kind of a matter of preference.

I’m not sure if you can damage the nerves with your grip, but if everything still feels good after 10 months, then I say you’re OK.

Thanks SS, apprieciate the advice :) I’m gonna give your way a try though ;)

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