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Am I and SS4 the only ones who.....

Am I and SS4 the only ones who.....

Have their septum as their first limiting factor? I just can’t imagine only 2 of us up in here out of thousands are the only 2 with this rare fucking problem. I would love to hear from other’s about their experience trying to overcome this damn nightmare.

The septum is a cable like structure that runs down the middle of the shaft ( topside ) No matter which way I yank my cock, up,down,left,right,diagnol,whatever, this takes all the tension first. My lot is 7:00. I never ever hear anyone other than myself and SS4 Jelq talk about it as being their first limiting factor which I find strange.

I have the same problem and I’m sure there are plenty more.

I thought this is normal, but now I also have some doubts.

If it is called septum, than I have it, too. And it takes much of the tension while stretching.

Especially when I am not 100% flaccid! But I don’t know, if that is my first or a limiting factor at all.

What about the others?

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Count me in the septum-hating group. I always do some skin stretching with my PE, hoping to get rid of this problem. It doesn’t seem to be working, and I’ve been stretching the skin on the top of my penis ever since May 2003. I only do it for about 10-15 minutes a day, but I’d expect some changes after what’s almost a year.

I’ve noticed that with my gains, my penis curves (upward) more. When I lost my gains, the curve went back to its pre-PE state. I’m thinking that the septum (which I previously, until now, assumed was tight skin) is growing slower than the rest of my penis, causing the upward curve to be mroe severe. I haven’t figured it out yet.

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I just noticed that my picture in the thread that I refered to has disappeared. Anyway, I guess this means that the septum is my limiting factor too.

Why is that bad? I thought it should be easy to get gains when it’s such a thin part of the penis that needs to be stretched.

JohnJohn wrote in the other thread that you should stretch carefully if you have this condition. Does anyone agree or disagree?

Everyone has a septum. It is simply the triangular area where the three tunicas come together on top of the penis (each cc is encased in a layer of tunica, with another layer of tunica encasing both ccs together).

Because of it’s makeup, once it gets to a certain point and has adapted by strengthening, I firmly believe unless one takes an extended break, the only way to further lengthen it is by hanging straight out, as hanging allows you to place much more sustained force on the septum than one can duplicate manually.

Try hanging straight out then using your fingers to lift upwards under your shaft, giving a nice fulcrum effect. Seems to be working wonders for my septum.

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If your septum is your limiting factor, and is taking all the stress, depending on the angle of stretch, wouldn’t that mean you’re stretching the septum anyways?

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Yup. But, are you applying enough stress to promote plastic elongation? Once it get’s to a point, I doubt it… Especially if you are not reaching any level of fatigue.

One manual stretch I have been doing after I hang 2 sets straight out in the am, leaving my septum more susceptible to manual stretching, is as follows:

Sit on a toilet. Using whatever grip aid you prefer (I use a section of white paper towel, like bounty), take an overhand grip towards the glans. Stretch straight out, allowing your grip hand to rest on the edge of the toilet seat. Adjust your ass as necessary based on felt stretch and shaft length. The fixed toilet against your hand increases your grip strength, and you can relax backwards towards the tank to increase the level of sretch applied. Seems to be much more effective than just manually pulling straight out for me…

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Another septum hater here also!

Im also hanging straight out also.

Originally Posted by YGuy
If your septum is your limiting factor, and is taking all the stress, depending on the angle of stretch, wouldn’t that mean you’re stretching the septum anyways?

I had another thought that I should have posted with my last reply.

Following Bib’s advice on divide and conquer, I believe every limiting factor has an angle in which it receives the bulk of the stretch, with little support from other tissues. This is the angle we should strive to find and exploit.

So, while what YGuy posted above is correct, there may be other tissues coming into play that are lessening the stress on the septum in angles other than optimum for septum stretching, which for me seems to be straight out.

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What? Septum? :-k :wtf:

Allright. Yeah. (: I guess that might be one of my limiting factors too, but I’m gaining though. :jelq: I always thought that the “septum” was just the ligament we’re trying to stretch here. #:-o New piece of info for Johan. :o :-,

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The tunica is the bastard of length gains. The septum is just the area where it rallies it’s forces to resist our efforts to stretch it. Fucking thing…

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