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Alternative to Hand for Manual Stretches

Alternative to Hand for Manual Stretches

Is there anything I can use to do Manual Stretches with because I cannot hold it for more than 10 seconds then my hand starts hurting. Also I have used baby powder, although it helps with the grip, it doesn’t stop my hand from hurting.

You should keep doing it and really force yourself to hold the grab. Over time your hands will become stronger by simply doing stretching. Put some blood in the glans to improve grip too.

It might be an idea to start working out your hand. Grab something that is hard (I use a billiards ball) and squeeze as hard as you can. Your hand will get stronger this way.

Your hands will get a lot stronger by doing the streches, it’s true. When I started streching, I could also hold it only for 10-15 seconds.. now I can hold it for 2 minutes. And the veins on my arm really stick out lately, and I feel that my fists are stronger.

Bird, you use a billiard ball? Man, that’s hard core. I used to use a tennis ball, but lately I’ve been doing pullups and I feel even more strong this way.

You may want to try using the Captain’s Wench. I do 15 minutes of manual stretches and then do another 15 with the Wench.

You can get quiet a stretch with it. There are instructions on how to build one here on the site but I don’t know how to post a link.

It’s also inexpensive to make.

A month in and I’ve noticed something about manual stretching.

Because I lift weights 3-4 times a week, concentrating on heavy compound lifts, I have big calluses right behind my fingers. This was very painful to grip the penis with for a while. Now it’s becoming accustomed to it so it’s not so painful anymore. Just keep at it and you’ll get used to it over time.

Instead of baby powder or toilet paper, I use large size (easy to put on and remove) kitchen-type gloves, the kind sold in supermarkets. They’re unbeatable for being able to gently hold your dick with the least amount of “grabbing” effort. For most of my manual stretches, while lying on my back in bed, I reach under a thigh with a gloved hand, grab my dick, and pull it toward my backside under the hip joint on either side, then let my body weight hold my hand down. This way, you don’t have to grab your dick so hard because your body weight supplies most of the holding pressure. An alternate to this position is to pull your dick under your thigh, to the side, and let your leg hold the hand down. The gloves are also good for regular stretches whether you’re in bed or not (like straight up, out, down or sideways).

HANK (WannaB9x7)

Stronger armshands

Yeah, sometimes it feels like it’s my hands and arms getting the workout! No doubt, if you keep at it your hands and arms will get stronger and you will be able to hold for longer with less effort.

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