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Alternative measure of erection level

Between 1 & 2 with the occasional 3, but that’s usuallu an indicator to back off and let it cool down.

And Catherine Zeta-Jones is a 10! Makes it so hard it hurts so good.

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ModestoMan I think these numbers would be an awesome way to rate erection level.I’m usually at 3 when I jelq .If you insist on having a number between three and four I’ve got a brain storm for you. How about three and a half ! LOL!

About 3.

1-2. 3 in between and after a while. 4-5 rarely, just a few squeezes maybe 5-10 times per 15 min session. What a mess of numbers.

But actually I feel it’s a difference between erection level and amount of blood in the penis. I can get my penis very big heavy and still I am not horny nor have any angle on my penis - it’s totally limp. So really, when I am jelqing my penis is never in the same state of erection in any considerable time interval.

It’s more like E(t)=2+sin(t) :p :p :p

My penis does not resist compression differently at different points; in fact, it seems to resist less towards glans than base at any erection level. Am I misinterpreting?

GigatosaurusRex, how do you jelq? What kind of grip do you use? Does your unit stay fat and heavy after a workout?

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What do you guys think about the “progressively more” part of the levels?

I’ve been thinking about this during my jelqing sessions, and it seems that my penis does not become “progressively more” engorged as the stroke is performed, once some minimal level of erection is achieved.

I guess it really depends on how tightly you’re gripping. If you use an iron grip, blood will be force forward toward the glans with no route for escape, and the shaft will engorge more. But I think a more typical grip allows some blood to escape during the stroke.

Maybe 2 and 3 above could be better written as follows:

2. Penis resists compression slightly at base and somewhat more toward glans.
3. Penis resists compression moderately at base and throughout the stroke.

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I don’t see why percentage is a bad measure as long as everyone is talking about the same thing.

Personally when I refer to percentage erection level, I’m referring to an estimate of volume against potential volume when fully erect (but not cock ring aided).

As most men have very visually oriented brains, I don’t see why this is a bad way to describe the level.

I think as you point out MM, what you are describing here is a combination of level and grip strength and I’m not sure that is useful.

I see what you’re saying, Mem, and think I agree with you to a certain extent. But I think the problem with using percent volume is that my dick hits 90% max volume with only a weak erection. Maybe I’m mistaken—and I think that’s the problem. I don’t know what the volume difference is between a weak erection and a strong one.

I think erection typically consists of (1) inflating the penis toward its maximum size and (2) increasing pressure beyond (1) to make the penis not only large but also hard. I’m not sure how much difference there is in volume between a soft erection and a hard one, but I can tell fairly easily how these different erections feel to my hands when I jelq.

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That’s a fair point. Effectively what your saying is that a linear measurement is useless because all the important stuff is happening in the top 10% or less.

I can’t believe that when people talk about jelqing at 30% erect they actually mean something near to flaccid.

OK then, we need a logarithmic scale.

That decided, actually creating one that makes sense to people and can be easily gauged and measured is a much harder task.

I suppose pressure might be a method of achieving that.

For example how much roughly can you compress the width of your penis (or girth maybe) at full erection, at 90%, at 80%?

Maybe not.

I think pressure is exactly what you want to measure. The issue becomes finding a somewhat objective way to measure it without requiring scientific instruments.

I was trying to get at the notion of pressure with the talk about compressibility of the shaft toward the base and further up. If you can squeeze your dick to the diameter of a dime, pressure is low and you’ve got a weak erection. If you can’t squeeze it at all, pressure is high and you’ve got a raging hard-on going.

I think pressure is the main concern regarding injury, as well. Jelqing with a full erection can cause an injury because it subjects the tunica to excessive pressures, which could conceivably cause it to rupture.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

The issue becomes finding a somewhat objective way to measure it without requiring scientific instruments.

That or standardising on a cheap instrument, maybe even a make at home caliper/pressure gauge thingumy.

I was trying to get at the notion of pressure with the talk about compressibility of the shaft toward the base and further up.

Yes but in the course of a jelq stroke (which was what I read it as, maybe inaccurately) which brings in the whole grip thing.

I agree pressure would be good, now lets find a cheap way of measuring it.

3 to 4 for me



I was thinking perhaps glans engorgement (as determined by feel or glossiness) might be a simple way of determining total pressure.

If ones erection is too hard, or squeezes the grip with too much pressure, the glans will be near full capacity early in the stroke, and therefore one should ease the erection level or grip; jelq with only enough pressure to cause slight to moderate glans swell to avoid injury. How does this sound as a relatively objective means of measurement?


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