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Alright, this is fishy


I still ask why these fibrosis tissues are necessarily bad, if they aren’t elastic, they may be permanently deformed easier than the more elastic tissues. And perhaps even the reason why we gain. Think about how we gain flaccid length and it not longer retracts.

Then there is the fact that taking deconditioning breaks help eliminate this fibrosis build-up. (and sometimes accompanied by a small loss of gains… hmmmm…..)

Let’s keep in mind that this fibrosis and it’s effects on PE stuff is all theoretical, so to get worried over this at this point(especially while your still gaining.) is not necessary.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I agree completely with that point of view.

It sounds like you have a very healthy “injury/response” mechanism going on there. I don’t think you could actually get any shrinkage though, unless you did some unthinkable injury that caused a tunica breach, which is a different game altogether.

I think the take home message is that if what you’re doing is working then keep doing it, and screw the theories. Fibrosis isn’t bad exactly, it’s the result of a necessary response, but we want it to heal in the optimal way and without unnecesary extra tissue. To take an absurd example, it would be bad if say your left arm formed adhesions with your right leg, but healing a scratch with the same process on say your elbow would be good. It’s the difference between healthing the scratch and forming a scar on the skin, and healing it with no visible marks. Massaging the scar (or therapy of choice) could help tilt the process towards desirable asthetics, but abstaining or overtraining it could either not help or possibly even exacerbate it. I’m not thinking too cleary at the moment so I hope that makes sense.

Penismith has done some good work into this recently, and from that I’m forming the view that multiple shorter sets (especially in any exercise that entails occlusion) with plenty of massage/engorgement would be most beneficial (supplements aside).

I’m simply going to start regularly taking supplements like vitamin E and Acetyl L - carnitine just in case. I wonder if the fish oil capsules I’ve taken for years also help fight fibrosis?

Redwood, this is a wonderful point! If we continue to worry, we will only get discouraged.

Lets’ just continue to PE and reap every gain we can.


Omega3s fight fibrosis?! YES!

I think a good quality (meaning vacuum distilled so there is no mercury) Omega 3 fish oil is extremely important for general health because it helps get the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 closer to what it should be. The modern American diet is almost totally devoid of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. That said, Omega 3 EFAs help normalize and eliminate excess inflammation and inflammation can give rise to excess fibroids. Omega 3 also naturally thins the blood so it helps circulation and blood pressure. And, Omega 3 helps prevent cancer and other degenerative disease because it promotes energized, elastic cell membranes. If you take a high quality cod liver oil daily, you are not only getting the Omega3’s, you are also getting vitamin D which is hugely important to cell generation and immunity. I take fish oil, too for all of the above-stated reasons. When I was little, I used to run like hell and hide when my mom reached into the refrigerator for the bottle of cod liver oil . . . (little did I know . . . )

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Cod liver oil, here I come!

Omega 3’s are great, and everyone should be taking them. (I’ve also noticed they are now fortifying salad dressings, soy milk etc with it.)

I’ve read zinc is also supposed to aid in preventing the build up of scar tissue.
It’s possible that many of the supplements we are already taking are helping us in ways we didn’t before realize, and that’s why we keep gaining.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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