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Alloderm Surgery

Alloderm Surgery

Saw some great work. What are the pros and cons of girth enlargement using this method.



Welcome to Thunders. I don’t have the answer to your question, I’m sure someone will.

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Pros: no hard work for you, the surgeon increases your girth

Cons: expensive, risk of infection, skin sloughing, penile shortening or disfigurement

Here are some paragraphs from one site offering information on penis enlargement via surgery:

Alloderm Grafts

In order to remove the need to take tissue grafts from the patient, the latest development has been to use grafts made from a product called Alloderm.

Alloderm is actually cadaver skin i.e. skin from dead humans, which has been treated to remove any diseases and then freeze-dried. Just like dermal fat grafts, Alloderm is layered around the penis to build up the desired girth.

Alloderm seems to produce similar results to Dermal Fat Grafts with the added bonus that visible scarring is avoided. But this advantage comes at a price. Alloderm is extremely expensive and around $3000 of the material is usually needed, which knocks up the cost of a typical girth enhancement operation to around $8000.

Complications With Grafts

Both Dermal Fat Grafts and Alloderm do seem to produce much better results than Fat Transfer, but again complications can occur. With both procedures it's still possible that some reabsorbtion will take place, leading to a loss in girth. It's also possible for the grafts to shrink over time or for parts not to survive. In these cases, penis shortening or asymmetry are both possibilities.

I’ve worked with urologists who did penis enhancement surgery, but never saw an Alloderm graft. According to the Lifecell web site (producers of Alloderm) the material acts as a matrix for the patient’s own tissues to grow into. Since the material is derived from skin, it obviously isn’t very thick. In order to increase girth to any significant level, several layers of it would have to be applied. To me that would increase the time it would take for the patient’s cells to grow into the matrix and increase the chance of complications, even over fat grafts (speculation on my part).

If you’ve got the money and time and are ready to take the risks, it seems to be a choice that is not all that unusual for those inclined to use surgery rather than the “natural” or manual methods discussed here.

is, you say you saw some great work. I assume you mean the post surgery photos on some of these doctor’s sites. Personally, they scared the shit out of me. I thought I might have these operations for myself until I read up on them. NO WAY. I first looked into girth enhancement when they were injecting your own fat. I found these horror stories about guys whose fat had moved around and made their dicks lumpy! Hey no sweat, they fixed it and have “new and improved methods” Eff that. Not on my cock.

I’ve made slow and definite gains with PE. My hardons are like in my 20’s(I’m 51). Yeah it takes time. There is a lot to learn and this is the place to learn about PE. Take that 8G’s and buy JetBlue. If after a year, you still gotta have your dick opened up like a fish, take out 8G’s and do it. Make sure you keep looking at those photos, I had my asshole up to chest after seeing some of them. I’d freak out if I looked down and saw that at the Y. Plus like westla says, things can go wrong, infections or some weird deformity, it isn’t cut and dried, go do the surgery and wake up with a fat cock.

Hello everybody, I’m new. The big question is, do grafts reduce sensitivity? It would be great if some whose had them could chime in . From my understanding, the grafts are essentially dead tissue and the only reason you don’t lose sensitivity is because they are placed beneath your nerves or out of the ways of your nerves, which I find hard to understand.

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