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All night stretcher better than ADS?

All night stretcher better than ADS?

I have heard before that during your sleep your body does most of its repair work and that a lot of “body chemistry” goes on at night, some body builders may know more about this. It seems reasonable that it would be better to use an all night stretcher to keep in the elongated state while repair is going on. The only problem is building a safe one. The only safe way I can see is to make a sort of frame to sleep in so you can’t move about while sleeping. Is there another way? Maybe a stretcher which will release itself when too much body movement occurs.

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This is something I’ve been pondering for quite some time, especially for those of us who perform our routines before bedtime.

I remember the Man Show did a special on penis enlargement and that guy from was showing off some sort of latex sheath that you attach to your penis and then to the foot of the bed. I guess you were supposed to stretch with pushing action via the legs while sleeping. Did NOT look safe to me.

If you’re desperate, you can always try the method prescribed by the Kama Sutra: Rub your entire penis with wasp stingers and sleep on your stomach on a cot. Let your swollen member dangle through a hole in the cot each night for a few months, and keep reapplying the wasp stingers. Sad thing is I ALMOST tried this. Then I found this site….

I digress. There may be some way to attach a swim cap to the glans and then use it as an anchor to apply a very mild stretch on the penis, without too much fear of losing circulation. Maybe something like this while on the cot…provided it’s just enough tension to keep the penis gently stretched. Just thinking aloud.


I know it is tempting to stretch/ADS while you sleep, but one mishap can result in severe injury. IMO, it’s not worth the risk.

A traction wrap of material loose and stretchy enough to accomodate an erection without cutting off circulation should be ok, but probably isn’t all that effective.

Several guys wear (non-elastic) properly-sized cock rings while they sleep to give some extra oomph to nocturnal erections. These are loose enough to allow normal circulation when flaccid.

The problem at night-stretching is that you will (maybe) get night hard-ons.
When you stretch while getting a hard-on this will bend your erection down. Also when you have put on a stretcher/swim cap/ hanger/loop the erection will try to blast this device off. There may occur problems because the erection puts too much pressure on the device, this could cause harm to the penis.

I dont think this is good for your strength of erection, maybe it could even damage the penis.

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I'm just getting back into this.....

I’ve had some success with an all night traction wrap. I use appprox 3 inch (75mm) by 1 metre of bandage material over a layer of cut ribbed undershirt material taped into place. I start with the bandage stretched full width, and after a few turns let it bunch up so that each turn just pushes against ittself, and eventually, my abdomen. It stays in place by wrapping it around ittself and without taping, but sometimes I tape it to keep it from bunching up, and put a couple of turns of adhesive tape around my dick just back from the head to stop the material riding over my glans too much. I can pee out of it, but getting the last drop of urine out is a kegelling and manual stretching challenge sometimes.

I tuck it under the band of my pajama shorts or whatever light pants I’m wearing in order not to roll on it in my sleep. Ouch!!!!

I’m not sure how effective it is, —-as Hobby says—-and sometimes in the past I’ve woken up with a painful erection and taken it all off. I have put this down to it being too tight, or too much force against the abdomen.

But I have had some quite successful all night sessions with this set up.

It keeps me at maybe 7.5 to 8 inches, which is about half way between my flaccid full stretch of 9.5 -9.75 inches and normal flaccid hang of 5.75-6.0 inches. There must still be force on the flaccid dick with this amount of stretch, so in my head I reckon it’s doing good!!!!

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