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all night "between the legs" stretch

all night "between the legs" stretch

I tried to do a search for this and couldn’t find it. I know it’s been discussed before, but wanted to see if any results came of it.

Since I have bigger than average balls that hang low, it can be a bitch trying to sleep sometimes. I have neck problems, so I sleep on my side. I have never liked the way my twig and berrys hang while in that position. So the other night after a long clamp session and shower, I curled up to go sleep, and tucked my package between my legs. To describe it more detail, I pulled my legs up to my chest, opened my legs, grabbed my business and pulled it all downward and closed my legs. Then I stretched my legs downward, as I normally sleep. I got a very nice stretching feeling, so I decided to experiment with it. I tried a series of muscle contractions from my thighs to my lower abs to kegels to you name it. I found various contractions put serious stretching feeling at the top of pubic bone and felt it in my ligs. I was very careful as not to put any stretching on my balls. They hanglow enough as it is. I’ve always thought my ligs join way too high on my pubic bone for me to get a huge flaccid hang, so I was excited about this stretch.

Well, after about an hour of this, I finally fell asleep like this. Without any contractions, it put a minor stetch on it and wasn’t a tight squeeze so I didn’t have to worry about circulation. I woke up this morning, and am a little sore where the lig joins my pubic bone, but no sign of numbness at all.

I just never like how after a good clamp/jelp session, I try to sleep on my side, I hate the feeling of it hanging in front almost contracting or shortening.

Have any of you tried this?





Yeah, I do the exact same. In the morning when it’s semi-erect I like to tuck it down and stretch it for an hour or so while I am half asleep. It hasn’t produced any remarkable results but I reckon it can’t do any harm!

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I tried it and fell asleep also, but my balls ride high, so there was a good bit of pressure on them. I woke up after several hours to find part of the scrotum puffed up sort of like a blister, and a bit numb. I rubbed it out and was OK, but was a bit reticent to fall asleep that way again. I wish I had enough ball hang to do it though, and not just for the lig stretch. Laying on your side, if one leg is truely on top the other, you are squashing the inner penis with the weight of that leg all night long.

Of course, given that we’ll all have night time erections, how would that work out with the penis pulled behind and pointing down!

Somebody was talking about laying on their morning wood and pointing it down, I keep forgetting to try this because it would seem a good way to get a lig stretch.

I have tried what your talking about HJ but I never really did it enough to say if it would work or not.

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I believe it has huge potential for flaccid gains, but every time I tried it the skin and skin contact caused irritation. I can relate to what you are saying about not sleeping because of the contracting issue, it drove me crazy too. If you are able to do this, Rock and Roll on, I’m convinced it would help greatly.


I think this could bring you some gains, but this would not work for the whole night.

First because you will not sleep in the same position all the 8 hours.

And second because you get some erections during the night.

But if you stretch this way for about one hour(time you fall asleep and some sleeping-time) after a workout, maybe it helps.

Think I will give it a try

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Gave it a try and finally fell asleep in stretching position, but woke up flat on my back. Tend to shift positions during the night, so I don’t think it’s of great use (for me), but as said before it can’t hurt (me).


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