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All My Mates Claim To Have 9 Inches!! Are They Measuring Wrong?


All My Mates Claim To Have 9 Inches!! Are They Measuring Wrong?

Hey everyone, i have read a lot of polls and seen websites and forums that discuss penis size. Of course on this forum we all know what average is, or is supposed to be.

Anyway why is it that whenever me and my mates discuss penis size, justin will say ” oh mines 9 inches “, sam will say “yeah mines 8.5 inches” , rob will say ” my girlfriend measured me at 9.5”.

Fuck man everyone i talk to seems bigger than me, whats going on, is there a bigger average now? I also take a sneaky look in the footy changing rooms, and most of them still look bigger than me flaccid.

I am according to these sites of an average size being 6” X 4.9”, i am feeling rather inferior, could it be that i live in the big dick capitol of great britain.

Anyway my question is dear friends, are they all measuring wrong?


I can only think of three possible reasons for this

A) They are all lying to you.
B) They don’t know how to use a tape measure
C) There is something in the water that they are all drinking.. In which case, I want some. Where do you live again?

No seriously though, I think that most people are very ignorant of penis size in the first place. 6 Inches just sounds small to people who don’t know the facts, so most people will just assume that theirs must be at least 8 or so.. I highly doubt all of them are that well hung.

i would go with A i think they are all lying i wouldn’t worry about it if i were you. i would even put money on it that atleast one of them is smaller than you. but if they all happen to be hung as they say i would just start lying:)

Maybe you should say prove it.

My cousin brags about his “14”er” and I told him to prove it. He smiled and blushed and shrugged it off. Later he said it was 10”, and finally he says he can wrap two hands around it. I told him that he is probably 7-8”, which is quite a bit above average, but be proud of what you have and don’t brag.

I was out Tuesday nite with one of my poker buddies, an old man about 75. We had taken a young guy with us gambling on a cruise boat out of Port Canaveral, a guy the old man works with. I thought the kid was about 23 but he was 18. So after buying a shit ton of drinks we go gambling and I win about $460. The gambling boat lands and we go to a bar with a couple of MILFS. The 18 year old kid starts telling the guys that he is going to fuck one of these MILFs. So he starts talking shit, like all drunken 18 year olds do and tells this MILF that he “is gonna take care of her with his 9” tool”. And she immediately says “where did you measure that from your butthole”. Well needless to say the group burst out laughing. I kind of felt bad for the kid and I pulled him aside and said “dont talk shit man you cant back up, she a hot 40 year old and she will eat you up”. So he says, “I know what I’m doing”. I said “okay” and let it go.

Well after about two more hours of his drunken 18 year old obnoxious attitude people are telling this kid to put up or shut up. And in typical 18 year old logic says, “I just took a piss so its not that big and besides you guys wouldnt whip yours out in a bar”. Well guess what, after 5 Cherry Bombs (Red Bull and Cherry Vokda), I whipped it out and the MILF turned and kissed me. Licked my tonsils with her tongue.

All I can say is, thank gawd for PE.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I hope your right guys, i hope your right. Anyway when i get my 8 x 6 inch cock, i will certainly be whipping it out and showing them what one looks like.


gonabbiger: They probably measured theirs in centimeters ^^.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

That’s some funny shit of a story 789.

But as far as GB’s worries goes, give it up man - you’re talking cock size with you’re mates.
What would expect them to say.
When ever this crap talk comes up, be it with mixed company or not, I’ve got a standard response that seems to always get a laugh from the females and instantly lets you know who’s insecure about it.

After everyone gets their brag in, I just let it rip that under no circumstances am I going to fold it in half for anyone.
It helps if you can deliver it with extreme seriousness and confidence also.

Would I whip it out in a bar? Well if I was going to get a tounge down by a hottie of a milf…..

Maybe we here at Thunder’s should consider offering a Dick Size Certification of Authenticity.

You’d get an official wall-mountable quality certificate stating that the above is recognized of successfully demonstrating the possession of a <size> dick.

And also a handy little wallet sized lamentated version to whip out when questioned.

Would be better than a disorderly persons charge of exposing one’s self.


Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Yeah but as i said guys ive seen a couple of them naked at footy, and they do seem big.

Okay Thunder, never was good at punctuation.

It is funny, most of my friends claim to be average and a couple say they are hung like a field mouse! In short, I think they are honest or don’t care. Probably an age thing. We are in our 30s; biologically, anyway.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

The answer is simple.

90% of guys “make up” a size when asked, in a bid to improve their ego. They may, or may not, have measured. But common knowledge is that 8/9 inches is considered “big” so therefore its easy to say “I’m 9 inches”. No guy is really going to say “prove it” are they? ;)

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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