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All Day Stretch Inquiry


Originally Posted by CaptnHook
btw- those hanging sets you noted are really long. How are you getting away with a 55 minute hanging set?

Ok, I will check the tension on my stretch sets then since I just started these.

As for the hanging sets, I adjust the Bib and the wrap just right I guess. I check for cold and discolored glans. At 35 minutes, it starts to cool, but no major discoloration. I have lower than average blood pressure, so maybe this freakishness helps the cause by letting blood slip through. I’m not sure.

If my dick falls off in the next few months, we will know that my route was not one that should be taken. :nodding:


In just over a month, I have gained 0.5” in flaccid length and approximately 1/16” in erect length. I am at 8 medium clamps, 1 small clamp, and 1 cockring that I put on my unit.

I average 40-42 hours per week right now. I will check in with additional progress or failures.


Do you have a photo of these clamps?



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