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Ahhh! Enhanced sensitivity and much more pleasure

Originally Posted by MDC
Bottom line is that if you want to do foreskin restoration, don’t let that hinder your PE efforts. They can be done at the same time.

What about the baby bottle top or TLC Your Skin Cone used to just restore sensitivity to the glans in the way MagnumXL described? In another thread massappeal said that the Your Skin Cone would put more pressure on the penis, squashing it, which I can agree with. But would that hinder gains? Has anyone used it in conjunction with PE?

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The device I use for FR does squash the glans, but It doesn’t seem to cause any negative size effects.

My current PE routine is clamping, along with some manual stretching. I don’t apply the CAT II device for an hour or two after my clamping sessions or while sleeping. The rest of the time I try to use it as much as possible. My glans size does seem to be improving despite this.

I haven’t tried any of the other techniques you mentioned.

Any ideas maybe on the opposite ? How to slighlty reduce sensitivity? (Uncute here)

I don’t think anyone has answered the question yet, how is it that the reduced sensitivity of being cut is supposed to contribute to premature ejaculation? This just doesn’t make sense.

Those of you who are restoring or have restored your foreskin, with the increased sensitivity, have you noticed that you don’t last as long? Or is there no real change here?

Originally Posted by motivated
I don’t think anyone has answered the question yet, how is it that the reduced sensitivity of being cut is supposed to contribute to premature ejaculation? This just doesn’t make sense.

Those of you who are restoring or have restored your foreskin, with the increased sensitivity, have you noticed that you don’t last as long? Or is there no real change here?

I was cut at birth but loose, since PE I have gotten a fair amount of coverage back by stretching the skin during my sessions. During the winter months I am completely covered and now that it’s getting warmer outside I have 1/2 coverage most of the time.
What I do notice is more feeling around the base of the head, a certain sensitivity under and on the foreskin itself and while inside mrs. Mirlin I do notice the skin over my glans. While I can’t really say it helps with control, there is actually more feeling but not directly on the head. I can’t say that it makes me last longer but the orgasms are a bit more intense. During oral I can’t control myself as well as I used to. The “reduced” sensitivity is pushed out by direct stimulation to the glans I would have to say. While you feel more when your foreskin comes into play, it is different. But not in a way that has you wanting to bust right away. Think of it this way; If a girl is giving you a slow BJ you enjoy it more and last alot longer, if she went at it like a jackhammer while sucking madly you’d probably bust a nut right away but it won’t feel as good. Kind of like masturbating in a hurry compared to edging for awhile….

The ravings of a madman...

motivated, like mirlin says I think it is easiest to think of it this way.

I am cut too, and I tend to have to be very close to coming in order to keep my erection, tone down the stimulation and I start to lose hardness. Because I am cut and the sensitivity is low, I have to be on the verge of coming for most of the time I’m having sex. This means it is pretty easy to go over the edge before I want to.

The supposed advantage when your uncut is that due to the extra sensitivity, you don’t have to be on the verge of coming the whole time you are screwing, you can take it slow and last longer without losing hardness.

This is how more sensitivity makes you actually last longer, at first glance it seems counter-intuitive, but I think it makes sense when you look at the facts…

This makes sense to me due to the facts I have explained above from my own sexual exploits. Once I’ve got my length goals I will definately be restoring my foreskin.

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Has anyone on here actually had to have a circumsision later on in life due to medical problems? He could explain if there’s a major difference in sensitivity & premature ejaculation.

I was in a former life uncut, so I have experienced the best of both worlds, and to be honest with you I can’t see and/or feel the difference. Sure the level of sensitivity isn’t there, but the overall sensation I feel is about the same. However, my problem was that my foreskin would’nt retract, so maybe I didnt experience the sensations one would experience with a retractable foreskin..

But I will tell you one thing, with the bandages, the stitches and trying to walk for the two following weeks after the operation was one hell of a task, as the sensitivity of my head was mind blowing in a painful way. So anyone considering cutting without a medical condition, or getting their child cut, forget it.

The one good thing was that the first session I had afterwards, say about a month, my partner was amazed, as was I, that I came and it landed 3/4 of the way across the room.

Thanks Mirlin and BigJ.

I’m cut, but my penis, and in particular my glans, is extremely sensitive! I am convinced that this is why I struggled with premature ejaculation when I was younger. It may be that I don’t know what real sensitivity is, since I’ve never been uncut. But given how sensitivity and premature ejaculation are linked in my experience, I have no interest in gaining more sensitivity in that area.

However, I do think that an uncut penis looks better!

Here’s a fucked up story of me

When I was a boy of 6, I had a tight foreskin (or a big glans haha). On a day I could’t get my foreskin back, even with a hugh amount of force. So I went to my doctor and he pulled also very hard, with also no success. My dick became very swollen at that time.
Then I went to the hospital (my doctor had said that they can pull it back very easily. The doctor in the hospital, NO TWO DOCTORS, pulled and squeezed really EXTREME hard. I bet it did more pain then a kid birth (sorry girls…). But the skin finally went to the right position. So end of story you would say. At least that were my thoughts at that moment…


I had to make another appointment (didn’t know why, my dick was fixed I thought). So a week later, I returned to the hospital where they made me sleep with the narcoses. At the moment I wake up, I looked at my dick and I couldn’t believe what I saw. THE FUCKED UP MY DICK!!! At that age I never heard about circumcision, but I did saw that they cut a peach of my dick.

In the Netherlands, there are not much circumsised people, so I was very shameful about my dick. But the worst thing of all is that those assholes never told me or my parents that they would cut me. (or my parents are not telling me the truth, but I don’t think that).

It’s to bad that I don’t live in the States. Then I could sue that scum and make a big profit of it.

I don’t know if my sexlife would be better if I had a foreskin, because I didn’t had sex when I was 6 so there is nothing to compare.

Maybe, I try to see the doctors reports some day….


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BigJ explained the contradiction perfectly. I am a restorer. Before, when my penis was less sensitive, I had to keep myself closer on the verge of orgasm to maintane a decent erection. This led, at times, to a little oops here and there. Now that I am more sensitive, I can maintane my erection at a lesser degree of “closeness”. I know it kinda doesn’t make sense, but that’s what it is. Before it was, “Harder! Harder! Faster! Faster!” Now I can enjoy a simple light caress or gentle stroke tremendously. Plus, my wife’s arm doesn’t get as tired when wanking me.

Some cut guys do have sensitive glans. It’s probably because they actually have a little coverage at times. My friend is a halfie who has coverage when sitting or lying down, and says his dick is very sensitive. He was cut very loose, lucky guy.

I, on the other hand, was cut so tight I didn’t even know the skin of the shaft was SUPPOSED to move until I restored for about 6 months.

The main reason to restore, which you can’t get from just protecting the glans from irritation and making it more sensitive, is the rolling of the skin over the head during sex or masturbation— “gliding”, they call it. Very very nice. It just adds something that you don’t know your missing til you get it back.

So Kong, tell us more about your method and how long you’ve been at it.


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I use the TLC Tugger and do manual stretching exercises when privacy allows in the evening. I have been doing restoration for about 18 months now. It is taking me a long time because of how tight I was cut, but it is definitely worth the effort. I wear the tugger about four to six hours at a time, then remove to let the skin rest, kind of off and on throughout the day.

This sounds really interesting! I´ve had problems with bad sensetivity for as long as I remember? But I can´t order these tlc- cones or tuggers cause I still live with my parents.

Is it enough just to stretch your skin manually? Will that after some months give me extra skin?

There are basically two different theories with foreskin restoration:

Long duration / light tension stretching, which works on the principle of skin expansion that plastic surgeons use to create new skin for grafts and etc. The skin is placed under light to moderate tension for as close to 24/7 as possible to stimulate the skin to expand, or grow. T-taping, the tlc tugger and various homemade devices are used to do this. It doesn’t really stretch the existing skin thinner and longer, but makes new skin through cell mitosis. This includes the nerves and blood vessels and whatnot that comes along with that skin, which is why restoration has such a tremendous effect on some men. With care and patience, you can get yourself very close to original factory specs.

The other method is short duration / high tension. It’s mainly just stretching the skin hard for 20 minutes or so a day. It is more along the lines of PE-type exercises. You do it with your hands. I will try to find a link for you and post it that shows the various different manual stretching exercises you can do.

I personally do a mix of both. I wear a TLC tugger for around 5 to 10 hours a day and then do manual stretching. It seems to be working pretty well.


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