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Ah ha ... so this is where Thunder's Place is!

Ah ha ... so this is where Thunder's Place is!

Hi guys …

I have always wondered where this site was. Have seen it referred to on the PEForums site. So I have now found it and joined up.

This looks a great place. I am glad to be here and am sure I will pick up many tips. Thanks to all who administer this place!

I am presently at at 6.5 X 4.5 having gained about 1/2 inch.

Best of luck to all others in here from “downunder” in Australia.


Nice to hear from you Ant, looking forward to your input.

There is loads of good info on this site. The main man here is thunder, which is a hell of a coincidence ;) and there are some heavily informed people. You’ll see a fair number of people also on PE forums.

This place has a really good feel too, very little bitchiness and lots of good humoured and informative posts.


Thanks memento ..

Nice to have such a warm welcome.

Take care,


G'day mate

Welcome to Thunders’!

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


Glad you found Thunder’s. I’ve learned a great deal from these guys. Hope you will, too. And that you can teach us something.




You should have asked where thunders was, I would have gave you a ride for some gas money or beer. Welcome to thunders home of warm beer and tasteless conversation. Well some of our European friends like warm beer “dino snickers to himself”


Welcome home, Ant

Glad to see another Aussie here - you fellas are a unique bunch. Quite a number of our active posters are from Down Under.

Now contact Lil12Big1 and he’ll let you know where the Aussie’s are holding their annual PE Show, Tell -n- Swing convention. It’s usually at a hotel bar so drunk women can come and applaud and gawk and all that.

Get to workin’, boy.

Oh yes .. tis me Thunder .. thanks to you for the welcome and all the others who have posted.

Great to find this place,


Gold Coast here .Where are you


I left a message on PE forums only a couple of days ago recomending this site,was that the message that brought you here I wonder!

My tag on that site was Flaps. Anyway welcome even though I`m English!

No offence meant by that remark.


Thanks flaps …

It could well have been that post. I really don’t recall .. I have to admit!

My great grand parents were English. Sailed out in the 1960s. So we think you are a good lot!

Thanks for the welcome mate,


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