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Aggravated with newcomers


Originally Posted by cajual
It’s not about the truth more than it is about deviations from effective truths; When a veteran member explains to a new member that he could see gains in 2 weeks, or 2 years, and that no one can truly know what potential they have, and then this 2 month PE stud comes along telling this guy to double the newbie routine and never rest because that’s how he gained 3 inches (exaggeration), that new member is going to be even more confused. I know the search feature is there for a reason, but honestly, how many times do you see a newbie asking a very basic question? Allot! When I first started PE I was very susceptible to ‘biggest and fastest’ routines, even though they had no basis and were merely hearsay for a single member, but I believe that I can’t be the only one who felt that way venturing into this community.

I don’t know, I love reading support posts on these forums, and it just started to irk me when randomly, a poster who joined in the past 3 months, has 2 months of PE under his belt, and thinks he knows everything because he gained an inch, decides to throw ‘doubt’ into these great support threads. I won’t cite references, but just take a look at some of the topics around here to know what I mean. All in all this post is simply a rant, and me wishing that at least one facet of life could be without coercion, but it seems the human formula is never perfect.

Two things come to mind; these fellas are likely forgetting that gaining and cementing a gain are two very different things, especially two months into this adventure. Someone once said on this board “PE is a marathon, not a sprint”. That is the hardest part for most new comers to understand. It is human nature to want instant gratification. If you want a 18” bicep with a 30” waist, it takes long hard work. If you want an 8” penis and you’re starting with a 6”, it takes long hard work. There are no miracle pills or any ONE exercise that will build it. It is knowledge, confidence in the fact that it will happen, a good and safe combination of methods and most importantly, TIME!

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Originally Posted by 9_in_richard
Someone once said on this board “PE is a marathon, not a sprint”.

It’s been said a number of times, but the earliest post I can find with something similar is this one by Bib:
Bib - Hey BIB………It’s been 10 days…….

It’s as true now as it was then.

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