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Age? (Would like some imput)


Age? (Would like some imput)

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to know what the lowest age recomended to start PE.

P.S. I am interested in hearing from some of the younger PE’rs of this forum. The ones who are younger or atleast started at a younger age(21 and under).

I wouldn’t recommend PE to anyone under the age of 35.

Dang, I guess I had better get off the boards then..



I am 19 years old, I work out and am in pretty good shape, I have been PEing for about 2 months now and I feel that the Half inch I have gained in girth speaks for itself (I am now 6 around) and 6 1/2 bpel. I want to continue the process until I achieve around 8 inches by maybe 7. Anyway, yeah, I am a youngin’.

PS. How do you get those quotes below your post??

hmmmm im gonna wait to see who posts their age and see if im the youngest….. i might be actually hmmmm…. well see….


Thanks for the info guys!

But in any case, I just wanted to know if its alright for a 15 to 16 year old to practice PE. Also, I do know that there are guys posting on this forum who are under age. So please don’t be to critical in your replies!

young and want to be hung

i’m also wandering what is the youngest age we should be doing pe. i’m 16 and i have been jelquing for about a month now but i haven’t got any bigger yet. i am hoping for 8.5 inches from my current size of 5 inches. i am wondering, is there a way i can make my head bigger?

hey tcl28 and werv, what’s up guys?? :D glad to see i’m not the only youngun around this web sight. how old are you werv? i want to hear from the rest of you! let’s help each other out.

this web sight is awesome!!

My brother was the one who first told me about PE and he also told my nephew ( his son ) who is 17 and concerned about his size.

I spoke to my bro a couple days ago and he tells me his son has already seen a gain in the month or so he has been PE’ing.

My bro has gained over an inch and a half and has been PE’ing for a while and I often show him this forum when he’s round my house as he doesn’t have an internet connection @ home. He loves the site and is determined to upgrade his slow pc and get online!

hey jelquist :)

my brother who is 17 showed me pe. he is on this sight too but he said he didn’t sign up for a screen name. he hasn’t gained very much either and we’re wandering if its because of our youngness. do ya’ll think that’s why we are not getting bigger. if you gained young, we want to hear from you! please reply or give me a private massage if you want.

also my anatamy teacher said that dick size is related to heighth and shoe size. i don’t see how this can be true since i am 6 foot 5 and wear size 15.

Another Whipper-Snapper

Well, I started up doing some PE when I was 16 but, given the vagaries of youth, gave up fairly quickly after limited gains (only 0.1” or so) despite intensive work-outs. It wasn’t a priority, especially since it was intense time in my life but now I’m 3 years older I think I can do it again.

I wouldn’t recommend a regime as rigourous (and potentially anti-social) as PE to someone still in high-school/college) - there’s waaaayy too much other cool stuff to do :)

Older guys tend to gain more quickly, primarily because PE enables them to get back what they have lost over the years ( up to 3/4 of an inch).

If I had started at 21, could I even leave the house now without being arrested?

Don’t know about the right age to start PE — I was 45 when I found a routine, and got really good results really soon. Would it have made a difference if I had started earlier, like back in my 20’s when I was single? I might have had more sex (remember, this was back in the early 80’s before things got nasty), but I don’t know that any significant relationship fell apart because my 5” - 5.5” tool was not big enough. On the other hand, back in my 20’s I was probably a big enough prick myself <g>.

The best time to start — start now. If you want results, you will not get them until you start.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

Yungun, what your teacher said is somewhat true and sometimes completely false…. hehe well you get the picture? maybe? no?

Well, according to all manner of surveys and statistics, the size of one’s penis should correllate slightly to one’s height.
Although it’s just a slight increase in the average length according to your height…… or at least thats the theory…

so say you have two people, one of them is one foot taller than the other. theoretically, they should each have a proportionately length’d tool…. eg a 5” and a 6” say….

unfortunately (especially for us tallish people) this is not always the case….

it sucks when a real tall guy gets shortchanged.
and this happens.
Also especially since most people (eg GIRLS) EXPECT that the taller the guy, the bigger the dick…. :(

EG: I have noticed by personal observation that alot of pornstars are really just shortish guys with longish penises - that that they look doubly large….

I dont think you mentioned your age, but if your brother is 17 then you must be (i am assuming) fairly young too…and you probably havent finished puberty yet either, so you should take advantage of your best growing years and pack on some serious gains!


Younger people tend to recooperate much faster from extended stress on the body and injury. In addition, younger males’ testosetrone levels are higher (especially during puberty.) I would think that both of these factors would contribute to gaining faster and easier when you’re young.

I’m 25, and wish I had started about 4 years ago (maybe sooner.) However, I still have youth on my side for a few more years :)


**Stay Active, Stay Healthy, Stay Pumped!**



I am certainly glad I am starting this when I am 19 and not 30, because (no offense) I think my best boinking years will be behind me by then. Anyway, I do think that the best time is now for ANYBODY. Like any exercise routine, the longer you put it off or take time off, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things. I know, I took 2 weeks off and now I am doing a starter routine all over again because I tried to go back to what I was used to and boy did I feel stupid, my dick was very battered. So, start a routine, stick with it and you will achieve your goals.

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