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After three months.

After three months.

After three months of PE this is where I am at:

Flacid: 4.5” x 4.5”
Erect Non Bone Pressed: 6” x 4.95”
Erect Bone Pressed: 6.5”

This is pretty upsetting since when I started I was around 5.8-6. Now the only thing that I am happy about is that I am actually 6 inches of length(barley). My girth has stayed the same and I have done almost nothing beside some length and a bunch of veins. I have been jelqing hard and still getting no girth gains. My LOT has also stayed at it’s low 6-7, after all I have done for the last month is stretch upward and tunica stretches.

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Pumping or clamping, man. It’s the way to go. If you are a “stealth” PEer (as I am) clamping works well. Pumping is a little harder to hide. Maybe it’s just time to up the intensity a notch.


Try a bit of everything and see what works for you, the same routine continued over and over doesn’t do anything, you’ve had gains so now I suggest trying some different manual exercises, but thats because personally I don’t like hanging and all this using instruments stuff, my good ol hands will do me just fine :)

I don’t think 3 months of PE is enough to condition your dick enough for some heavy-duty jelqing or some of that other advanced stuff. Give yourself another 3 months of what you’re currently doing, seyz. Don’t risk hurting yourself man. More than 1/2” in length gains is actually pretty good. I have gotten just around 1/2” in BP length from jelqing for over a year. Good luck.

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new_member, your advice is very good and well warranted. However, I started clamping after 1 month. If you take it slow and pay attention you can do it safely. But if you are at all hesitant then don’t do it. It is intense, and it isn’t worth hurting yourself over.


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