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After routine feel

After routine feel

I think it’s called “turtling” but after my PE routine I get a bit smaller and “hidden”. Normal?

Its usually a sign of doing too much. You flaccid size should be improved in size at least for a couple hours.

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Yeah, doing to much PE.

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Ok, but the shrinkage is right after my routine untill the next, and then is normal again. If it’s too much then what should I do? Maybe remove clamping for now and incorporate hanging?

(Here’s my routine now)

5 mins warm wrap
30 secs each stretch left,right,center under cheek/left,r,c straight out/l,r,c straight up
5 min clamp
5min jelq
5 min clamp
5 min jelq
5 min clamp
5 min jelq

5 min warm down

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Oh yeah, and also I do this every other day.

It doesn’t depend on how much you do as much as it depends on how hard you do it. I suspect strongly you are using too much effort. Back down on the intensity.

Ok, so the clamping isn’t what’s doing it?

Sure, the clamping can be doing it. Most guys seem to think that you put a clamp on with enough force to strangle a tire iron. Clamping, like everything else should be done in moderation.

Gprent is right…too much can turtle it, clamping always did it for me in the beginning, but then I started to get use to it and my man stayed plump for hours. i never clamped hard either, just between three and four clicks, but I have a cushion guard on all of my clamps.

After a PE workout my penis “turtles” for about 15 minutes, then it goes to a larger than usual flaccid size for a few hours.

Turtling is a negative PI to me, unless I move immediately from PE to some activity where it would happen anyway (shoveling the driveway). I’d be cautious and listen to the others on here and scale back the intensity or volume of a given session.


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After I have sex my penis turtles, so it seems to me it would be normal after a PE workout that your penis would turtle.

Like I said though, after 15 minutes of turtling my penis goes back to it’s normal hang.

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