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After PE'ing For a Few Years, Few Things I've Learned

After PE'ing For a Few Years, Few Things I've Learned

1. PE does work! No matter what you read in Men’s Health or what it says anywhere else on the internet, it DOES work. I went from girls saying “he’s so small” to almost every girl now saying “well-endowed much?” And keep in mind I’m not even that big, 7.75” BP x 5.25-5.5” girth.

2. HOT WRAP! If you want to avoid discoloration and want to avoid red bumps, soreness, etc.

3. Less is more! I can’t stress this one enough. The recent thread about PI’s (physiological indicators) is right on the money. When I am not jelqing as much, not doing as many squeezes, my unit is in a much healthier state. I now do less than 30 minutes of PE a day, and then just do some light jelqing when I use the bathroom. Works great!

Good luck, and keep PE’ing! :)

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Good advice Bro:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks for posting WBH.

Nice avatar, gave me an instant boner :D .

Now for the hard part. Learning that 7.75x5.25-5.5 actually is big! ;)

Good encouraging words!

What is your 30 min routine? Do you take days off?

You say that when you do less your unit is healthier, but when did most of your growth occur after you slowed down or before?

I was dreaming when I thought it couldn't done, but now I know I have work to do.

Came with: NBPEL 5.875, EG @ Scarline 4.5 Mustered up: 7 x 5 Looking for: 9 x 6 Will settle for: 8 x 5.5

My 30 minutes routine is a few pan squeezes and dry jelqing. Of course hot wrapping all throughout. Works great for me, and my girlfriend is literally OBSESSED with my unit.

Damn, do you do any stretching during your routine? I used to do about 30 minutes a day, but now I’m trying to get more in because it doesn’t seem to work.

Oh and what’s your NBP length? Because I’m about the same in BP and girth so I’m wondering if NBP is the same too.

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