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After I stretch my unit is 1/4" longer or more

After I stretch my unit is 1/4" longer or more

I’ve never actually measured this before but before a stretching session my flaccid length stretch is 1/4” or more shorter than after I stretch. After my session it’s always longer. I would imagine this is a good sign right? Or am I reading too much into this?

It sounds like success. Stretching is giving results. The flacid is longer than before. One of these days your before session measurement should show this gain.

As long as its not lymph fluid, all increase is size is a good thing. Now its time to get that post session size permanently.

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It definitly goes back to normal within a few hours maybe…but I’m thinking that over time it should increase. I do feel like I’m gaining micro amount each time.

Sounds like good progression to me. Longer flacid length and a heavier more weighty hang after a session is always a good sign for me.

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Same thing happens to me…and I can actually see an erect gain too. Get an erection and measure it. Then, let it fade…go do your stretches, then get an erection and then measure again. Let me know what the result are. :-)

This always happens to me just before I get a lenth gain. It might take a while, but I think your erect length will get longer soon in a more permanent state :) .

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Awesome, I’ve been really feeling good with a mostly stretch routine, and occasional squeeze and uli thrown in twice a week. Jelqing has been very minimal.

It is a bit strange that some get temporary increases directly after stretches while others get temporarly decreases while both gain. Could probably depend on if you go light or heavy. Seems to be the same with EG and girth-work.

I get up to 7” post stretching/bed fowfers.

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Just incorporated Squeezes into my routine. Really felt good but it just reminded me just how small of a muscle (I know it’s not a muscle) our little guys are. Instant decrease in EQ today. Good lesson though. Will space those puppies out.

But I made out with a hot chick tonight!

EQ back up. Took 2 days from inception of new exercise.

Btw, after posting this, I just realized I’m writing my log in my thread I started about something else. Shakes head.

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