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After a lot of trying conclusion is; for some it works for others not?

After a lot of trying conclusion is; for some it works for others not?

I have tried all sorts of routines to make my dick bigger. Weights, vacuum’s, jelq’s,, stretches without success.

I can only think that I am one of the ones who does not gain from it. People say ’ what about the people who have been doing this for years?’ and then they apparently gain. This is like going to a gym with no results whatsoever but continuing for a year + and then you lose/gain a couple of pounds. Going to the gym does not work like this. Everyone makes most of their changes in the early period and it is then tougher after this to get changes. How would penis enlargement work in reverse?

This again begs the question ’ but why would a site like this exist? It’s not for commercial gain; then why? It seems for some it works, for others not.


Do you have any theory about why it does not work for you then? I am not trying to be a smart ass, I am just curious, do you have any theory about what is special/different about your tissues compared to a typical “gainers” tissues?

There is a article somewhere around here that talks about how different people had between 1-3 layers of tunica (it was a study). Maybe you have 3 layers?

“Why would a site like this exist?”

To provide information for people who want to increase the size of their dicks.

“It’s not for commercial gain; then why?”

Because some people are just kind hearted and generous. Thanks Mr.Thunder :)

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Hey WMW, did you stick to a routine for at least 6 months? I’m just saying that for some people it takes a lot of time to find the routine that works.

And I’m sorry if you got discouraged, I know it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude, but I would suggest keep at it. But first take a deconditioning break - 2 or 3 weeks or more if you want; take a break from PE mentally, get in shape( if you are not already) and then start again.
The break will do good for you - and I would suggest doing some PE if anything then for your penis overall health.

And why does a site like this exist? Because there are people who genuinly want to help others, and not neccessarily make a living out of it. Because I don’t know about the rest of you, but Thunder’s place has really helped me a lot by helping me make my dick bigger, but also a lot of other “men stuff”.

Thanks Thunder!


I have been doing PE, on and off an with varying sucess, for 20 years. Give it more time.

You just haven’t found something that works YET!


Thanks for the thoughts guys,

I’m just fed up with a lot of effort for no return. It strikes me that if I put as much effort into either accepting my current dong, which I’m pretty happy with anyway, and analyse the reasons behind the insecurity I will have a lot more time on my hands, more energy, less stress and probably more of the confidence I think a bigger dong will give me.


I think that accepting your “current dong” is worth doing whether or not PE makes your penis bigger. I think that the guys here who have accepted themselves, like themselves and emanate that confidence (which can’t be faked) enjoy life more than they would if they hadn’t. That doesn’t mean that PE can’t still be practiced, it’s just that it doesn’t take on the responsibility for being the panacea for self-confidence that some try to use it for (which, by the way, it isn’t—somebody who thinks they are going to feel happy with themselves just because they have a big dick is going to eventually realize that those two things are unrelated).

Good luck.

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I think most non-gainers spend their online time somewhere else, so you won’t get much feedback from them.

I also PEed for years without gains, and I was meticulous as I am with working out.

I put my efforts into other things, but got used to the board.

UlcasterDropout, did you ever gain, and if so what routine did you finally gain with? Did involve less or more PE (5 minutes jelqing versus 20 minutes; # of days off, etc.)?

I ask because I too have gained essentially nothing (I could easily chalk any gains up to measurement error and/or natural size variation based on erection level) after 4+ years. I still haven’t found the routine that works for me yet, though I have many excel sheets of failed routines…

Babbis, I suspect that one characteristic of many non-gainers is that they heal/recover slower. Hence they tend to overly work the penis by not taking enough rest days. Of course I have tried going to a 1 on, 1 off routine to no avail, but I was doing more than just jelqing and stretching. If my current routine doesn’t work by the end of summer then I’ll probably try the newbie routine with a 1 on, 1 off rest period.

Furthermore, in order for new tissue to actually grow (anywhere in the body) you’re going to have to have new blood vessel formation (Angiogenesis) so that the new tissue can get oxygen and other nutrients. Perhaps those who gain slowly just don’t have the right body chemistry to promote angiogenesis… but that ‘s complete speculation.

I have always wondered how many non-gainers there are out there. I am probably a bit more pessimistic then most PEers but I think there is allot of non-gainers here and at other boards. Now, if I only knew how to make a poll.. :)


I’ve found it takes me about three months of consistent effort before I see gains. After three months the sensations change, I have to drop my weights and where there were previously no gains gains begin to occur. It used to be set in stone that you have to maintain a routine consistently for at least four months before you could see whether it was actually going to work for you.

Even the Penimaster site iirc doesn’t predict measurements for the first two to three months (and that’s a venture they’ve spent a lot of time and money researching and developing (which leads me to trust their results more than most)).

Maybe you’ve not spent enough time (or been consistent enough) with a single routine to see results.

Unless you’ve consistently (five to six days a week) hung weights that have caused you to experience fatigue by the end of each session, I wouldn’t imagine you’ve spent enough time hanging to see meaningful gains.

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