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After 10 mos or so

After 10 mos or so

Hello all..
I have been working on girth only for abt 10 mos. now..I’ve done combinations of many exercises on here, varied my days off, intensity,time doing exercises, etc, etc, and haven’t gained anything. I think the only thing that keeps me working at it is the temporary 1/2 inch I gain when I’m done. It’s nice to look down and temporarily see a man’s penis after a workout instead of the pencil I was cursed with. As you can tell I’m a bit frustrated after all the time and effort I’ve put in. Hard work has always paid off in everything else I’ve done except this.

Which leads me to a question. I have not done stretching or hanging exercises for length. Do you feel this also assists in obtaining girth? Reaching for straws here maybe, but I hate to give up..

Thanks for any advice…!

Hanging has given some members base girth in some instances. If you are circumcised, resotring your foreskin might be another path to take in order to gain some extra thickness. Have you tried: Ulis, Horse440s, Dry Jelqing, Erect Bending (be careful with these), or the Rolling Pin (I think Wadzilla does this- but be very careful with it). If all else has failed so far, and you are going to begin to spend money for a device- why not try pumping? When done controlled, pumping looks promising for stubborn girth.

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My fault if you’ve already tried this, but oftentimes people gain after long periods of not gaining if they take a month or so off from PE to decondition. Also try clamping if you haven’t—lots have gained well with it and I cant think of any who have complained it doesn’t work for them.

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Thanks for the feedback guys…The only thing I haven’t tried is clamping. What the heck, I’ve spent this much time midaswell give it a go..

I would recommend jelqing, wrapping and taking L-ARginine- which is a vasodialator. I notice I can get much more fluffed when I take L-Arginine.


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